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How do I connect my Bose 901 equalizer?

How do I connect my Bose 901 equalizer?

Connect the amplifier INPUT of the Bose® 901® active equalizer to the PRE AMP OUT jacks of the receiver or amplifier. Connect right channel to right channel and left to left. 4. Connect the amplifier OUTPUT of the active equalizer to the MAIN AMP IN jacks on the receiver or amplifier.

Do Bose 901 speakers need the equalizer?

Hello, the Bose 901 speakers are designed to work with and will not work appropriately without our 901 equalizer. The equalizer varies per model, please call us at 800-367-4008 so we can provide you with information on the proper version. equalizer, contact Bose, they will sell you one.

How does the Bose 901 equalizer work?

The speakers design uses reflected sound to mask it’s coloration and distortion and the equalizer is used to make the bass, midrange and treble sound balanced. The speakers are very location and position sensitive within a room, so the newer equalizers supposedly help with some setting adjustment ability.

What is the Bose equalizer?

Bose home audio devices, however, are designed to be used together for good results. If you own their speakers, you can use the companys home audio equalizers, too. The equalizer customizes and controls the signal before it reaches your speakers.

How do you test a Bose 901 equalizer?

Testing the speakers and equalizer

  1. Turn off or disconnect any non-901 speakers or headphones that may be connected.
  2. On the 901.
  3. Set the MID-BASS and MID-TREBLE sliders to center positions.
  4. Press your receiver or amplifier TAPE or TAPE MONITOR button to the OUT or NORMAL.
  5. Play music through your system.

How many watts are Bose 901 speakers?

The Bose 901 speakers will handle 10-450 W per channel, 8 ohms.

When did Bose stop making 901 speakers?

Unlike other Bose speakers, the 901 Series was not intended to be used without their included 901 Active Equalizer. While the speakers included metal pedestal stands, ceiling mounts were also available. It was sold until 2016, when the 901 Series VI was discontinued.

Is Bose 901 speakers anymore?

Bose 901’s production ended. Bose ended production of the Bose 901 loud speaker with series VI on September 2016.

How many ohms are Bose 901 speakers?

Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Price: $476/pair.

What year did Bose 901 Series VI come out?

The pair of speaker I have for review are the most recent iteration of the 901 design, the Series VI. This pair was made back in 1987 when Bose speakers were still made in America.

How many drivers are in the Bose 901?

The BOSE 901 Series III, with its high proportion of reflected sound, nine full-range drivers, and electronic active equalization, is in- stalled, connected, and operated differently than conventional loudspeakers. The detailed installation and placement instructions found in this manual are important.

Can you use a Bose 901 without an equalizer?

You can use the Bose without the EQ but they won’t sound as they are supposed to. If you can’t find the Bose EQ for your series 901 then get any graphic equalizer and adjust the sound to your taste. Add bass from about 60hz down. Add high frequencies to taste.

Can a Bose 901 be used as an AVR?

The Bose 901 is a nifty speaker but their mandatory use of an equalizer makes them a bad choice for AVRs. Here’s a copy of your owners manual.

Where does the sound come from on a Bose 901?

There’s no crossovers or other passive components inside – just a bunch of individual speakers wired together to give the right impedance. About 11% of the sound is radiated from the single front-mounted speaker, and the remaining 89% of the sound is radiated from the back.

What’s the range of the 901 active equalizer?

You’d have a range of +/- 24 dB in each band which would cover the full range of the 901 Active Equalizer. On the extremes, you’d have both equalizers gained up; in the middle, you’d only have the first gained up slightly and the second left flat.