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How much does it cost to stucco a 1500 sq ft house?

How much does it cost to stucco a 1500 sq ft house?

If you were to apply stucco to the average size 1,500 sq. ft home you could expect to pay around $10,485 in total installation costs at $7 per sq. ft.

How much does it cost to stucco a 1600 sq ft house?

Stucco is a high end siding material, which is most commonly used on Contemporary, Mediterranean, Ranch and Spanish-mission style homes. The average cost of stucco is $10,000-15,000 installed on a 1,600 sq. ft. ranch house.

Does stucco add value to a home?

If the stucco on your home has been installed correctly, it could add to the resale value. When stucco is installed the right way, it looks beautiful and adds curb appeal to the home. Proper installation also keeps moisture out of your home which prevents any cracks, deterioration and other stucco damage from water.

Is it cheaper to stucco a house?

Cost Comparison Stucco tends to be more expensive to install than other types of siding, but it may save you money over time because it’s more durable than other options. For comparison, vinyl siding costs $2 to $7 per square foot. Total costs for an average two-story home range from $6,000 to $13,000.

How long does stucco last on a house?

50-80 years
Stucco is a very durable finish material with a typical life span of 50-80 years or more. Although it is one of the most durable surfaces available, it also features the lowest annual maintenance cost when compared to other siding materials.

How long does it take to stucco a house?

1,000 square feet of stucco should take 3 to 5 days to complete. When installing stucco, it needs a surface to adhere to. After a house has received its weather wrapping, a wire mesh is often installed over it.

What is wrong with stucco houses?

But due to its brittle nature, stucco siding will crack if a house foundation settles. It simply isn’t the best choice in regions where soil is high in clay, notorious for swelling and causing foundations to shift. Over time, even stucco on homes with firm foundations can develop hairline cracks.

Why are stucco houses Bad?

What type of stucco is bad?

There are two types of stucco – synthetic stucco, aka EIFS (exterior insulation finish systems) and hardcoat stucco. Synthetic stucco is the type that has a bad reputation – why? Because it is adhered to wood or gypsum board and if installed incorrectly it allows water intrusion and causes rot.

How much does a square foot of stucco cost?

The vast cost span comes from the type of stucco product used and color matching with the existing stucco. A residential home with approximately 1,000 square feet of stucco siding that requires remediation will cost between $6,000 and $9,000 or $6 to $9 a square foot.

Is it better to repair or re-stucco a house?

If the majority of the home’s stucco finish is cracked, peeling, or moldy, it may be better to re-stucco the home instead of trying to repair sections. Repairs done on peeling stucco or stucco with damaged substrate could result in the new stucco taking on the same problems.

What do I need to install stucco on my house?

Cost of related materials and supplies typically required to install stucco including: corrosion resistant fasteners, flashing and exterior grade caulking, weather stripping and sealants. Remove siding panels, fasteners and trim pieces – without damage to trim or adjacent surfaces. Remove loose or damaged building paper or wrap.

Do you have to pay extra for stucco trim?

Trim And Other Detail Work: If you are planning on having trim around the window and doors of your stucco walls done with the foam stucco trim, then there will be an additional cost for these accent pieces that will cover the cost of the materials and the extra time it will take to install them.

Is stucco cheaper than siding?

Using stucco can be a cost-effective alternative to many kinds of siding; however, it’s not the least expensive in all cases. For example, stucco is generally more expensive than fiber based cement or a vinyl siding product because the majority of the expense is due to the labor costs.

How much does it cost to stucco?

Aside from this, most contractors will also charge a minimum service charge that usually starts at $100 to $200. To break it down, a traditional stucco mix will cost about $10 a bag and another $20 for the finishing material, all depending on the thickness and the quality you prefer.

Is stucco a good choice?

It provides excellent insulation from severe weather and is long lasting. Stucco can stain or develop holes over a period of time and the problems should be dealt with immediately. If maintaining the house and paying for occasional repairs is not a problem then stucco is a good choice.

Can You stucco over siding on Your House?

But, like other types of masonry exterior, stucco can crack if your home’s foundation settles, which may lead you to want to cover it with siding. You may also choose to update the house with siding if you get tired of the stucco look. To install siding over the stucco, you’ll have to first attach furring strips to the exterior walls.