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Is the Samsung sound bar connected to the TV?

Is the Samsung sound bar connected to the TV?

I have samsung 65″ curved uhd tv and samsung 550 sound bar – connected by an optical cable. Went thru remote setup, but sound bar does not turn … read more

What kind of cable do I need for my sound bar?

Connecting your soundbar to the TV with HDMI will give you the best possible audio. HDMI cables transmit sound digitally, which makes everything crystal clear.

Why is my sound bar out of sync with my TV?

Soundbar is out of sync with the TV One of the more subtle aspects of your home entertainment setup is dealing with audio delay, or lip-sync errors, if you get them. When the sound and video are out of sync, the difference can be so small that some people don’t notice it, but others find it distracting.

How to get my Samsung sound bar to sync?

How to Sync My Samsung Soundbar 1 Press Sound Control on the soundbar remote, and then use the Left/Right buttons to adjust until sound is synced. 2 Press Audio Sync on the soundbar remote, and then use the Skip Forward/Backward buttons to adjust until the sound is… 3 Press + or – under Audio Sync to adjust until the sound is synced. See More….

How does a sound bar connect to a TV?

The HDMI output of the soundbar connects to the HDMI-ARC input of the TV. The only way to get lossless audio like Dolby TrueHD and Atmos is to have the BD player connected directly to the soundbar with HDMI. The TV audio output (ARC or optical) won’t support them.

What do I need to set up my Samsung sound bar?

Most newer soundbars can do this, and Samsung soundbars 2017 650 series and above can. Connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI IN port on the bottom of the soundbar. Connect a second HDMI cable to the HDMI OUT port on your soundbar and connect the other end to an HDMI IN port on your TV.

What to do when your sound bar is not working?

No sound from the soundbar When you are not getting sound from your Soundbar there are a few things you need to check, but what you need to do depends on how your devices or TV are connected to the soundbar. This guide will show you what you need to do.

How can I connect my HDMI cable to my soundbar?

You can use the HDMI-ARC input of the TV to the the soundbar HDMI output and avoid having to use an optical cable too. To watch cable select the HDMI input you connected it to on the TV and ARC on the soundbar. To watch BD select the HDMI-ARC input on the TV and the HDMI input on the soundbar.