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What is Stollen called in Germany?

What is Stollen called in Germany?

Christmas stollen, known in Germany as Christstollen, is a yeast bread that is baked with dried fruits, candied citrus peel, nuts and spices.

Why is Stollen eaten at Christmas?

Why do we eat Stollen at Christmas? The shape of Stollen– this fold-over dough with a white top layer– is symbolic of baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling cloths. It started as a fasting cake made during Advent when people couldn’t use butter, milk, or fruits (due to fasting rules) so it started as a very plain bread.

What Stollen means?

A Christmas specialty originally from Saxony in Germany, stollen is a long, shallow, slightly oval, yeasted cake packed with spices, dried fruit and nuts with a thick roll of marzipan through the middle. It was traditionally meant to represent the Christ Child wrapped in swaddling clothes.

What nationality is Stollen?


A Christmas Stollen
Type Fruit bread
Place of origin Germany
Region or state Saxony
Main ingredients Candied fruit or dried fruit, nuts, spices (cardamom and cinnamon); sugar, powdered sugar or icing sugar

Where in Germany does Stollen come from?


What is the best way to eat Stollen?

How should Stollen be served? Stollen can be sliced and served with butter, honey, or jam. You may toast, or microwave individual slices before eating.

What time of day is Stollen eaten?

Traditionally stollen is sliced and served as is with breakfast, although some people prefer to warm individual slices in a toaster or a microwave. Over time, the topping on the stollen may become discolored.

How long can Stollen last?

How long will stollen last? Stollen will last several months if kept covered in a cool, dry place. Stollen loaves are made in early November for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Stollen loaves will become more moist and flavorful with age.

Should Stollen be refrigerated?

No, generally you do not need to refrigerate or freeze your stollen. If you will not be eating the bread for a few months, you may want to store it in the freezer. Our raisins and citron are marinated overnight before being baked in our bread.

Is Stollen a bread or cake?

Stollen is a cake-like fruit bread made with yeast, water and flour, and usually with zest added to the dough.

How do you eat stollen?

How do I serve my Stollen? Using a serrated knife Stollen is usually served by the slice throughout the holiday season. Typically, it is warmed in the microwave or toaster and is either served with a generous helping of jam, honey, or butter.

What is the history of the word Stollen?

The History of Stollen Stollen is a cake like yeast bread that usually has candied fruit, currants, orange and lemon zest, spice and cardamom spices for flavoring. The most common Stollen is Dresdener Stollen from the city of Dresden, Germany. The word Stollen, was a word for a post or boundary stone for a city.

Which is the best example of a German Stollen?

Examples include fruitcake which is traditional throughout the English speaking nations, panettone in Italy, keks in Poland, julekake in Norway, bolo-rei in Portugal and birnenbrot in Switzerland. But perhaps none are revered as highly throughout the world as German Stollen.

Where can I buy Christmas Stollen in Germany?

The Christmas Stollen is one of the Germany’s favorite holiday sweet treats. Over 2.5 million Stollen were purchased in German retail stores last year, and countless more were baked in home kitchens.

What kind of nuts are in German Stollen?

German Stollen is loaded with rum raisins, candied fruit, and nuts. This traditional German Christmas recipe is a very special treat that has a long history and is very popular during the Holidays. It needs a bit of time to develop its flavor but is totally worth the effort and tastes great with a cup of coffee!

How long has the German Stollen been around?

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. German Stollen have been around for nearly 700 years and are prized throughout the world as one of the most famous and beloved of all Christmas pastries.

The Christmas Stollen is one of the Germany’s favorite holiday sweet treats. Over 2.5 million Stollen were purchased in German retail stores last year, and countless more were baked in home kitchens.

Which is the most popular version of Stollen?

The most popular version of Stollen is Dresdner Stollen, bread baked by traditional bakeries in Dresden. Dresden also celebrates an annual Stollen festival to commemorate the bread. Traditional bakeries specially mark their breads so that consumers know that the bread is made in the Dresden style.

What’s the best way to make German Stollen?

Stollen is very rich and sweet so you can get a lot of slices out of one loaf. Use a rolling pin to flatten the middle of the loaf so that you have two bulges. Flatten one of the bulges like you see in the second picture below. and fold it over (See picture).