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What is the average price per square foot for vinyl siding installation?

What is the average price per square foot for vinyl siding installation?

The average national cost for vinyl siding installation is $9,324, with most homeowners paying between $4,999 and $16,836 or between $2.50 to $10.75 per square foot. Your total vinyl siding cost will vary depending on the quality of the siding, how much vinyl siding you need, and its style.

How much does it cost to put vinyl siding on a 3000 sq ft house?

Cost to Vinyl Side a House by Home Size

Square Feet of Home Average Cost Range (Installed)
1,500 sq.ft. $3,500 – $20,100
2,000 sq.ft. $4,100 – $23,400
2,500 sq.ft. $4,600 – $26,000
3,000 sq.ft. $5,700 – $28,600

How much should I charge to install vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding costs $11,148 on average to install, with most homeowners paying between $6,060 and $16,428 for an entire home. Installing vinyl siding costs $7.50 per square foot on average, with $3 per square foot on the low side and $12 per square foot on the higher side.

How much does vinyl siding cost per square foot?

Simply enter your zip code and the square footage, next click update and you will see a breakdown on what it should cost to have Vinyl Siding installed onto your home. Vinyl siding will cost you anywhere from $3.50 to $7.50 per square foot installed for an average 1,500 square ft. home with installation.

How much siding do I need for 2500 sq ft?

Add 12.5% of the number of sq. ft. to the get the finished total. There will be a certain amount of waste, and of course, there is always a mistake or two that must receive an allowance. So, if you have a rounded total of 2500 sq. ft of exterior wall space, you will want enough siding to cover 2625 sq. ft. 8.

How much does it cost to replace brick siding?

A full replacement with brick siding costs up to $10 per sq. ft or $15,000 in installation costs. Siding replacement costs will vary depending on the size and design of your home, local labor rates, and if you are doing a full or partial siding installation. See a list of average home siding costs by siding type below:

How to calculate the cost of siding for a two story house?

To do the calculation, totaling the wall lengths then multiplying by the home’s height. For a two-story house the calculation is 25-feet + 45-feet +25-feet + 45-feet x 20-feet which equals 2,800 square feet of siding materials needed. Siding installation prices vary on price per square foot by siding material type.

How much does vinyl siding cost installed?

Vinyl Siding Average Costs. The average vinyl siding cost is $2 to $12 per square foot installed. For a typical home with 1,500 exterior square feet, that works out to a total cost of $3,000 to $18,000.

What is the average cost of siding installation?

Cost to install siding. How much does it cost to install siding? Siding installation cost vary from $190 per square (100 sq. ft.) for 0.40 gauge horizontal vinyl siding and standard installation to $1,860 per square for high quality stone veneer siding and complex work.

How many pieces of vinyl siding are in a square?

However, with most vinyl siding, it can be ordered in one square increments or even by the piece. There are 8 pieces per square for most standard types of vinyl siding. Asphalt roofing is stocked and ordered by the bundle and there are three bundles per square.