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What is the salary range of a baker?

What is the salary range of a baker?

Baker Salaries / Wages in 2018

Job Title Salary / Wage $ Location
Qualified Baker / Pastry Chef 55,000 – 60,000 Sydney, New South Wales
Artisan Baker 48,000 – 58,000 Sydney, New South Wales
Pastry Cook / Baker 50,000 – 60,000 Sunshine Coast
Baker & Cake Decorator 45,000 – 55,000 Melbourne, Victoria

Do bakers make good money?

Baking offers great opportunities to rise above your starting position. Ordinary bakers, who usually work in grocery stores or restaurants make, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a median annual salary of $23,140. Skilled bakers, however, can get jobs in places where they can earn more.

What qualifications do I need to be a baker?

You can apply for work as a trainee or apprentice in a bakery without any specific qualifications, although employers may ask for some GCSEs, for example English, maths, science or food technology. Some local colleges offer full-time courses in professional bakery.

Is being a baker difficult?

What’s the hardest thing about being a baker? The hours are the most difficult part—they’re always bizarre. Mostly they’re in the middle of the night. For years I got up at 2 a.m. and worked until noon; the hours tend to run long.

What’s the average salary for a baker job?

We’ve identified nine states where the typical salary for a Baker job is above the national average. Topping the list is Washington, with Maryland and Kentucky close behind in second and third. Kentucky beats the national average by 4.7%, and Washington furthers that trend with another $2,314 (8.5%) above the $27,380.

How many bakers work in the United States?

Salary is only one component of a career that makes it fulfilling. Learn more about what working bakers think about their jobs. Was this helpful? There are currently an estimated 191,000 bakers in the United States. The baker job market is expected to grow by 7.6% between 2016 and 2026.

How much does a bakery general manager make?

Annual income for a bakery production supervisor ranges from $37,000 to $71,000 per year, or $3,083 to $5,917 per month. But annual income for a bakery general manager ranges from $25,000 per year to $52,000 per year, or $2,083 to $4,333 per month.

Is there a job for a baker in Washington State?

Significantly, Washington has a very active Baker job market as there are several companies currently hiring for this type of role. With these nine states paying on average above the national average, the opportunities for economic advancement by changing locations as a Baker appears to be exceedingly fruitful.

How much money do you get for being a baker?

Annual Pay. A Touch of Business reports that most bakers can expect to make between $8 and $14 per hour, or $15,000 to $20,000 per year. The amount of money bakers bring in each year depends on the location of their business, the type of products they offer for sale, how much business and bakery experience the baker has and the bakery’s location.

How much money do bakers make in a year?

As of Mar 21, 2021, the average annual pay for a Professional Baker in the United States is $35,141 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $16.89 an hour. This is the equivalent of $676/week or $2,928/month.

How much is bakers salary yearly?

Gov. Charlie Baker is cashing in big in 2019, taking a 67 percent boost in compensation – including a $65,000 “housing allowance” even though he lives in a $1.1 million manse in Swampscott. Baker’s total compensation will skyrocket from $151,800 to $250,000 – starting Jan. 1, according to the governor’s office.

How much does a cake baker make each year?

Annual income for a baker ranges from around $18,000 per year to $57,000 per year, or $1,500 to $4,750 per month. Annual income for a bakery production supervisor ranges from $37,000 to $71,000 per year, or $3,083 to $5,917 per month.