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What kind of connections do I need for my Magnavox DVR?

What kind of connections do I need for my Magnavox DVR?

There are 3 sets of connections for outside units. You can connect a VCR, DVD player, audio receiver, or anything with the red, white and yellow ports to the unit and record from those. It uses HMDI connection, or red, white, & yellow connection to the TV.

Are there any problems with the Magnavox timed recording?

Another problem with timed recording is that it takes a long time for the new program screen to load. If you get impatient, you will find you’ve programmed it to start immediately. Unlike the later version Panasonics, the unit does not have to be turned off to start timed recording.

How big is a Magnavox HD DVD recorder?

The combination 1TB HDD & DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner allows you to download programs to your mobile device. This product comes with free mobile application. It has built-in wireless LAN and records up to 1000 hours of HD content. 2 AAA batteries required.

How does the chapter divide work on the Magnavox 865?

The 865 uses chapter divide. There is a bar across the bottom that shows the title length. One sets the beginning of the chapter and the end of the chapter, which makes marks on the bar. Then you need to play in reverse to get into the chapter you’ve made and then delete it with chapter delete. There is no preview.

Is the Magnavox DTV digital to analog converter box good?

The converter box, however, displays “no signal” for ALL channels except the UNC-TV PBS one. I have to admit it’s a beautiful picture and clear sound, but one channel doesn’t make the purchase of this converter box a good one.

Is there a set up manual for Magnavox?

The set-up process is a little convoluted, but the owner’s manual talks you through it pretty effectively and once you’ve been through it the first time, it’s not too difficult to follow. The layout of the remote seems a little odd to me, and the inclusion of separate cursor buttons still throws me off after a month.

What kind of converter does Magnavox tb110mw use?

I had to replace my Lasonic LTA-260 that lasted less than 2 yrs. The Magnavox TB110MW was shipped quickly; super easy to set up; and there was an unexpected surprise as it picked up a (longer distance) major channel that I wasn’t receiving before.