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What kind of technology does a Chevy Camaro have?

What kind of technology does a Chevy Camaro have?

The supercharged crown of the Camaro family. Tech with no strings attached. and Android Auto™† compatibility offers new wireless functionality, which automatically connects your phone to your car without plugging in a cord. Also, an available built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi®† help keep you connected while you’re one with the road.

What are the options for a Chevy Camaro ZL1?

Available options include: 1 Heated and ventilated front seats 2 RECARO ® performance seats 3 Power seats with Memory Package 4 Red seat belts 5 Heated steering wheel 6 Microfiber Sueded steering wheel and shifter 7 Aluminum driving pedals

What kind of safety features does a Camaro have?

Camaro makes road safety a priority with an ultra-high-strength steel safety cage, StabiliTrak ® Electronic Stability Control and available active safety technologies designed to help you avoid potential collisions. Safety or driver assistance features are no substitute for the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner.

What are the special editions of the Chevy Camaro?

The Shock and Steel Special Editions feature a racing-inspired center stripe and bold Shock yellow color. Camaro Convertible upholds the bold design that makes Camaro a Camaro. Now also available on LT1 models, the RS Package intensifies the rush. A legacy of street dominance meets track performance with the 1LE Track Package.

How do you remote start a Chevy Camaro?

REMOTE KEYLESS ENTRY TRANSMITTER Remote Vehicle StartF Press and release the Lockbutton and then press and hold the button until the turn signal lamps flash to start the engine from outside the vehicle. After entering the vehicle, turn on the ignition. • During a remote start, the engine will run for 15 minutes.

How to get to Know Your 2019 Chevy Camaro?

GETTING TO KNOW YOUR 2019 CAMARO 2019 CAMARO GETTING TO KNOW YOUR Review this Quick Reference Guide for an overview of some important features in your Chevrolet Camaro. Some optional equipment described in this guide may not be included in your vehicle.

How do you start a Camaro in neutral?

With the transmission in Park or Neutral, press the brake pedal and the clutch pedal (if equipped) and then press the ENGINE START/STOP button. The green button indicator will illuminate. Note: If the RKE transmitter battery is weak, place the transmitter in the rear cupholder to enable the engine to start.

How does accessory mode work on a Camaro?

ACCESSORY MODE With the engine off and the brake pedal or clutch pedal (if equipped) not depressed, press the ENGINE START/STOPbutton. The amber button indicator will illuminate. See Driving and Operating in your Owner’s Manual. The DIC on the instrument cluster displays a variety of vehicle system information and warning messages.