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What should be the height of wash basin?

What should be the height of wash basin?

Specifications of Standard Size Wash Basin are: Size: 63 cm x 45 cm. Consequently, what is the rough in height for a bathroom sink? Sink drain lines are typically between 18 and 20 inches above the finished floor.

How tall do you have to be to install washbasin in bathroom?

People who are around 1.76 m tall are fortunate, as they are the right size for the standards that determine installation heights. If you are any taller than this, an installation height of 80 cm for the washbasin is clearly going to be too low.

What is the standard height of a bathroom sink?

The height for most standard sinks is anywhere between 29 to 36 inches. This is from the finished floor to the upper rim of the sink. The specific measurement you choose will largely depend on the style and design of your standard bathroom sink.

How tall should a Geberit washbasin and toilet be?

That’s what the standard says 1 Mirror or mirror cabinet Between 100 cm and 180 cm. This depends whether people with a lower eye level also want to comfortably use the mirror. 2 Washbasin 80 cm (standard height); Geberit recommendation: 85 cm 3 Clothes hook 110 cm 4 Toilet 40 cm (standard height); Geberit recommendation: 45 cm

What height should a bathroom basin be from the floor?

Standard bathroom washbasins range in height from 75cm to 90cm according to personal preference and wash basin type. For example, the base sink is between 75cm and 85cm high, while the washroom cabinet placed in the sink range in height from 75cm to 90cm.

What is the standard height for sink water lines?

Before installing a new sink in your bathroom vanity, mark off the water and drain lines according to industry standards. The water supply line runs out of the wall into a hole in the back of the vanity, typically placed at a height of 22 to 24 inches from the finish floor.

What is the standard bathtub height?

A standard bathtub is 60 inches long and about 30-32 inches wide. No one really talks about the height of a standard tub; however, in the case of walk-in bathtubs, height is significant – these special safety tubs can be up to 50 inches tall and can hold up to 100 gallons of water.

How height is too high for a bathroom sink?

Bathroom Sink Drain Rough-In Height. If your bathroom sink vanity is 40″ tall and has a 6″ deep sink, 18″-20″ from the floor is a perfect rough-in height for a bathroom sink drain. That way, you have enough space to clear the P-trap. If you were to go below the 18″ minimum, or higher than 24″ above the ground, the sink drain would be too high or low, respectively.