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What size hole do I drill for a 3/16 concrete anchor?

What size hole do I drill for a 3/16 concrete anchor?

Diameter of Bit The 3/16” diameter masonry screw requires the use of 5/32” carbide tipped bit for drilling the hole.

How much weight can a 3/16 Tapcon screw hold?

Technical Specifications for Tapcon Concrete Screws

Size Minimum Embedment Shear (lbs.)
3/16” 1” 730
1/4” 1” 1000

Do you have to use a hammer drill for Tapcon screws?

Before a Tapcon masonry screw can be installed, a hole must be drilled into the masonry. Use a hammer drill to ensure that the hole has the proper tolerance. The carbide bit diameter required for the 3/16” screw is 5/32”.

What size drill bit do I use for 5/16 Tapcon?

tapcon uses a 5/16-in. 1/2-in. tapcon uses a 7/16-in. bit.

Are Tapcons strong?

Stainless Steel Tapcons are reliable, strong, and have outstanding corrosion resistance. These screws are ideal for using to attach fixtures and lumbers to all types of masonry bases, including concrete, brick, and block.

What size Tapcon should I use?

The Tapcon® screw requires the correct diameter of hole to be drilled for the diameter of the Tapcon® screw being installed. The 1/4” requires a 3/16” hole, and the 3/16” requires a 5/32” hole to be drilled into the base material.

What size hole do I drill for a 5/16 concrete anchor?

Drill a 5/16″ hole into the concrete using a carbide-tipped bit that meets ANSI Standards B212. 15. Drill the hole a 1/2″ deeper than the anchor will penetrate the concrete, making sure the minimum embedment requirements of 1-1/8″ is met. The hole can be drilled while the fixture is in place.

Is there a 3/16 drill bit?

Drill America3/16 in. High Speed Steel Mechanics Length Drill Bit with 3-Flat Shank (12-Pieces)

What is the standard size of a drill bit?

Drill bit sizes are written down on paper and etched onto bits as irreducible fractions. So, instead of 78/64 inch, or 1 14/64 inch, the size is noted as 1 7/32 inch. Below is a chart providing the decimal-fraction equivalents that are most relevant to fractional-inch drill bit sizes (that is, 0 to 1 by 64ths).

What are the best drill bits for concrete?

Drill bits that can drill through concrete are called masonry bits. They are also good for drilling through brick and stone. Drill bits with a tungsten carbide tip are the strongest; when it comes to solid concrete, the sharper the better.

What are drill bit sizes?

Metric drill bit sizes. Metric drill set, 1.0–6.0 mm by 0.1 mm, jobber length. The case that holds them in an indexed…

  • Fractional-inch drill bit sizes. Fractional-inch drill bit sizes are still in common use in the United States and in any…
  • Number and letter gauge drill bit sizes. Number drill bit gauge sizes range from size 80 (the smallest) to size…
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  • What is the diameter of a drill?

    Jobber-length drills are the most commonly found type of drill. The length of the flutes is between 9 and 14 times the diameter of the drill, depending on the drill size. So a 1⁄2 in (12.7 mm) diameter drill will be able to drill a hole 41⁄2 in (114.3 mm) deep, since it is 9 times the diameter in length.