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Why is my Alexa app not working on my iPhone?

Why is my Alexa app not working on my iPhone?

Force stopping the Alexa app resolves most issues with responsiveness. To solve most issues: Sign out of the app. Uninstall and then reinstall the app.

Why is my Alexa screen blank?

If your Echo Show screen is going dark after every fifty seconds or so and showing you the clock with a black background, then turning the night time clock off will fix the issue for you. To do this just go into settings then click wallpaper and clocks then go to the Night-Time clock option and turn it off.

How do I reset my Alexa app on my iPhone?

Method one: Reset through the Alexa app The Alexa app is available for both iOS and Android, and the reset process is the same. First, open the app and press the Devices button – it’s at the bottom right of the main screen. Select Echo & Alexa at the top left, and then tap on the Echo or Alexa device you want to reset.

Why is my Alexa app not loading?

Restart the Alexa app via its Settings menu and then relaunch the app. See if this solves your calling problems. Update the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android. If restarting and relaunching the app didn’t work, you may need to update the app.

How do I force quit Alexa app?

The only way I’ve found to get rid of it is to open the Alexa app and any other app, tap the “tile” button, and tap “close all”.

How do I keep the clock big on Echo?

Option Three: Choose a Bigger Clock in Settings

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Tap “Settings.”
  3. Go to “Home & Clock.”
  4. Tap “Clock.”
  5. Choose one of the available options.
  6. Adjust the configurations of the chosen category as per your preferences.

How do I know if Alexa is muted?

The light ring on the top of an Echo turns red when it is muted.

How do you delete hidden apps on iPhone?

4 How To Delete Hidden Apps (from Home Screen) On iPhone 12

  1. Touch and hold an empty area on your Home Screen > Tap the dots near the bottom of your screen.
  2. Tap the circle under the page that you want to unhide from Home Screen > Tap Done.
  3. Touch and hold an empty area again on your Home Screen > Tap Remove App.

Why is my Alexa app stuck on the white screen?

You might find that your Alexa app gets stuck on a white screen or the ring light might get stuck in blue when it needs to change to orange. Consequently, this will prevent you from completing the setup process. Moreover, the Alexa app may fail to connect with the devices such as Amazon Echo due to the stuck problem.

What to do if Alexa is stuck on your phone?

Go to the Google Play Store on your Phone. Select the installed apps section. Click on Amazon Alexa and then tap on Uninstall. You may also consider setting up Alexa from a web browser if the problem persists on your phone. If the above solutions did not fix the problem then you have to try this last step.

What kind of phone do you need for Alexa?

Ensure that your phone is compatible with the Amazon Alexa app first before setting it up. Amazon Alexa app is compatible with devices having Android version 4.4 or higher, iOS 8.0 or higher and Fire OS 3.0 or higher. If your phone does not meet this requirement then that could be the issue why Alexa app gets stuck on setup.

How do I set up Alexa on my phone?

After signing in to your Amazon account, a user interface similar to that on your phone will appear. Click on the settings menu and then set up a device and follow the steps carefully to complete the set-up process. Finally, if you finish this, you can now use the Alexa app normally.

What to do when your iPhone 6 screen goes black?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can solve the issue if iPhone 6 screen went black. Step 1: Press and hold the sleep button until the “slide to power off” slider appears. Once the slider appears, slide it to shut down the device. Step2: Now long press the same sleep button until you see the Apple logo.

What are all the colors that Alexa can change?

The colors you can request of Alexa go far beyond blue, green, yellow, and red, though. Here’s a list of the 123 colors Alexa can change your lights to.

Can you turn off the yellow light on Alexa?

For example, to keep Alexa’s yellow lights from glowing, go to Settings > Notifications > Amazon Shopping to turn off notifications for items in transit. However, you can’t turn off the orange, red, or purple troubleshooting lights because they’re designed to alert you of a problem with your device.

Can you change the color of smart light bulbs with Alexa?

You can use Alexa to change your colored smart LED bulbs to any of 123 colors; here’s a list of all the colors. Did you know that you can use Alexa to change the color of your Philips Hue, TP-Link, or any other smart light that can change color? The colors you can request of Alexa go far beyond blue, green, yellow, and red, though.