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Can a gambler just stop?

Can a gambler just stop?

Can a gambler just stop gambling? Especially if he has been doing it for years and is addicted to it? Those that didn’t deal with something like this before will say that if you decide to stop, anything is possible. But it isn’t as easy as just stopping, especially with the casinos near me that offer more gambling options.

Gambling is the same as any other addiction. You can’t just stop, just because you know that you are doing something wrong. It doesn’t matter if you are the person with the addiction problem, or if you know someone with gambling problems. One thing is for sure, you need to know this information to understand if they can just stop or not.

Is it possible for a gambler to just stop gambling?

There are a couple of things that you need to consider before you can just say yes, gamblers can just stop gambling or not.

The period that the gambler is gambling can depend if he can just stop or not. The longer he is gambling, the harder it will be to stop. However, some people just become addicted to gambling, which finds it the hardest to stop. And, that needs the most assistance to stop. Especially, if the gambler has other emotional problems as well. But just stopping isn’t really possible for any gambler or addict. There is a whole process that he needs to follow to stop gambling. If he just stops, he can relapse a lot easier and start gambling again. Ex-gamblers say that with all the casinos near me, it is harder to stop gambling altogether, without support.

Why is it so impossible, even with the support of their families?

Why is it so impossible, or hard to stop gambling? Even if you have the support of your family? You need to remember something. Gambling is just like any addiction. People can’t go a day without it. This is what is keeping them alive. If they can’t gamble, they don’t know how they will survive.

This is why gamblers can’t stop gambling by themselves. Even if they are getting the assistance of their families. Their families don’t have the qualifications and experience to assist addicts.

Can they stop by themselves, or do they need professional help?

This is an essential question. Can they stop by themselves, or do they need professional help? Normally when someone is an addict, there is an underlining condition or problem that no one knows about. A problem that they want to forget about, and this is why they start one or other addiction. In this case, the addiction is gambling.

Without getting assistance for the problem of why he was gambling in the first place, he will not be able to stop. Now by himself or with the assistance of a professional.

Signs that gambling became a serious problem

If you wonder if someone you love is gambling for fun, or if they have a serious problem, this is something to remember. The moment that he starts lying about gambling, use all his money, including debt money for gambling and always saying that his winnings are near, he has a serious problem.

You will see that the person is up to something. He isn’t himself, and he is saying that he isn’t gambling anymore. IF he is acting strange, it might be because he wants to shift the focus somewhere else.

Things you can do for a person that has a gambling problem

Now, you know that a person you know and love has a gambling problem. How are you going to help the person in becoming healthy and himself again? Firstly, you will need to get help for the person. Professional help will ensure that someone with the right qualifications is assisting them.

You will need to be there for the person that has the gambling problem. Understand that he is going through similar withdrawal than people that are smoking, drinking, or even doing drugs. It might not be physical, but it is mentally. And, he needs to know that there is someone that cares. But, don’t ever think that you can get him through this all by yourself. Without professional assistance. This is the last thing that you ever should do.

Can a gambler just stop gambling? Just like any other addiction, this isn’t possible for a gambler to just stop and to stay away from gambling for the rest of his life. Even if he always claims that there are “casinos near me that keeps me going”. He does need to get professional help to assist him through the process. Making sure that he doesn’t gamble again, and lie to everyone around him. The only thing that you can do is to care and to be there when he needs someone to talk to.