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Key Trends in the iGaming Industry

The iGaming industry continues to prosper while more new company’s come into the sector and succeed. Sites like 777 casino have created a strong foothold in the industry with an ever-growing customer base there is the potential to continue to grow.

One reason for its continued success is its constant desire to adapt and grow. Meeting the needs of its current as well as prospective customer base has been key to its development.

Identifying its market, how it engages customers, while how it can reach new ones has ensured that current and new online casinos are able to thrive.

The industry continues to grow as it never sits still, it continues to develop and grow with the new trends of the customer and the industry.


  • Mobile Gaming


Mobile gaming has been key to the success of the iGaming industry. To be able to access your favourite online casinos on your smart phone or tablet has made them even more accessible.

By going mobile, casino operators no longer need to be concerned about space. The need to plan and organise what will attract customers and the design of the building is not limited.

Online casinos now can hold as many different versions of games such as slots, roulette, poker, and blackjack. There is no longer the constraints of a bricks and mortar building to limit them.

Offering such a wide range of games ensures that different target markets can be reached. The online casino no longer has to target specific clientele, it can reach out to a wide variety of people who play for different reasons.

With the technological advances of apps and mobile gaming, the online casino industry has met the expectations of the public. The speed at which a person can access high quality gaming makes the industry so popular.

You can play anywhere, at any time, for however long you want. There is no longer the need to plan an evening out to the casino, all your favourite games are at your fingertips.

For many people, trips to a physical casino may not have been high on their agenda, but now they have access to all the games on their phone or tablet. This has meant a whole new sector of customers has been created.

The diversity of the games on offer have ensured that more people have been tempted to try and go onto regularly enjoy online casino games.

Everyday millions of people will gamble on online casinos and the global online gambling market size is expected to reach a market value of around $172 billion by 2030.

By being able to download the app of your preferred online casino straight to your phone for free, the opportunity to try and return is much greater.


  • Virtual Reality


It has been a new challenge for the online casino industry to create a new and exciting way to enjoy the atmosphere and experience of a casino from anywhere in the world.

By having the games on mobile devices, they have reached out and grown their client base. For many though, the experience of a casino, competing with others to win big, is something that they are looking to perfect.

Creating simulated gaming environments is the next step in helping people experience the thrills of a Las Vegas Casino from their own home.

Using Virtual Reality Goggles, people can immerse themselves into the experience of a physical casino. This gives a more interactive experience to the player who can enjoy the feel of the casino environment.

By making the casino virtual, online casinos can use the experience of a trip to a casino, while also being able to adapt and modify which games are on offer. This way they can be set up for the desires of each customer.

For the provider, it is like having a physical casino they can continuously change the design of and switch up the games on offer. It takes away the need to design a venue to meet the needs of a select genre of client.



  • Artificial Intelligence


AI has given online casinos the opportunity to be available every moment of every day throughout the year. It manages online casinos effectively as well as ensures staffing hours are not an issue.

As well as ensuring that the game play is flawless it can identify customers preferences and offer new options of games which match their history of play.

This way, gamers can be rewarded in more personal ways which benefits the gamer as well as the casino itself, who can provide better customer service.

Tailoring promotions and meeting its customers’ needs is one side, but it can also provide security and safety for the casino and its customers data.

Identifying suspicious activity on the site as well as preventing fraud and cheating ensures customers are comfortable in registering with the casino.

Security is high on customers concerns online, and ensuring they are using high quality AI to provide this protection ensures customers feel confident in registering and returning.

The new developments in the technological world ensure that customers are provided with a wide range of options in iGaming. The online casinos are able to cater to an incredibly diverse customer base.

By continuing to grow and adapt to the new trends in the market ensures that online casinos are able to increase their revenue as well as their reputation in the industry.

Those interested in iGaming have so much choice available at their fingertips and this has helped the industry to grow so quickly and lucratively.