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Can you do MyMathLab on Iphone?

Can you do MyMathLab on Iphone?

Neither Pearson nor MJC instructors recommend accessing MyMathLab on an iPad or any other tablet. It’s better to access it on a a computer, either a desktop or a laptop. As always, for technical support questions you should consult Pearson’s customer support at the link below.

How do I override a late penalty in canvas?

Hi ! In the grade book navigate to the cell of the assignment where you would like to remove the late status. You will see an arrow and if you click on that arrow a tray will be revealed. Here is where you can change the status from late to none.

Should students be penalized for late work?

We shouldn’t punish students or penalize them if it takes them longer. We need to work with them to find out why and then help them make a plan to correct it. Do NOT give zeros or take points off when students don’t do work. This will put them in a hole that will ultimately make things worse, not better.

What can students do when they finish early?

27 Ideas For Students Who Finish Their Work EarlyDig: Ask the student to go deeper into the topic. Level-Up: Prepare levels, like in a game. Homework: Student may move on to homework and complete it early.Correct: Give students the rubric and let them score the work. Jobs: Give students jobs.

How do you challenge higher level students?

Challenge Your Top StudentsAllow Choice. Try to offer more than one way for your students to show what they know and understand. Integrate Technology. Let Kids Work Together. Accommodate Pace. Determine Prior Knowledge. Encourage Goal Setting. Teach Creatively. Ok Independent Learning Projects.

What do I do when I’m finished with my work?

Here are some suggestions for how to keep your speedy workers occupied while their classmates finish their assignments.Check your work for errors. Can I make it better?Read a book.Write in your journal.Write a story.Help someone else.Tidy up your desk/table.Tidy up the class room.Catch up on some home work.

What can teachers do for gifted and talented students?

With the following strategies, teachers can tend to the complex needs of their high-ability students in the heterogeneous classroom.Offer the Most Difficult First. Pre-Test for Volunteers. Prepare to Take It Up. Speak to Student Interests. Enable Gifted Students to Work Together. Plan for Tiered Learning.

How do gifted students learn differently?

Gifted students learn new material much faster than their peers. They process information similar to the way adults do it by capitalizing on patterns of information. Gifted children learn earlier than their peers. They have an ability to think abstractly and to grasp concepts much better than their peers.

How do you motivate gifted students?

How to Motivate Your Gifted ChildNurture Your Child’s Interests. Expose Your Child to New Ideas and Areas. Use Short-Term Goals and Rewards. Help Your Child Learn to Manage Time. Help Your Child Take Control. Praise Your Child’s Efforts. Keep a Positive Attitude About School.

Is it best to homeschool a gifted child?

Gifted children are notorious for getting bored and restless when lessons don’t move at their pace. The flexibility of homeschooling helps with that issue by not forcing them to spend a set amount of time each day on a prescribed lesson.

What is the best homeschool curriculum?

Top 10 Homeschool Curriculum ReviewsBeestar Online Math and Reading. CTC Math Homeschool Curriculum Review. Time4Learning Homeschool Curriculum Review. Get Ready 4 Kindergarten for Homeschoolers. Oak Meadow Homeschool Curriculum Review. Alpha Omega Press Homeschool Curriculum. Little Passports Monthly Subscription Product Review. Time4Writing Curriculum Review.

Is my child gifted?

Early use of advanced vocabulary: The ability to express thoughts readily and clearly is often a characteristic of a gifted child. Retention of a variety of information: A gifted child often amazes parents and teachers by learning new information quickly and remembering the details over long periods of time.

Why do parents decide to homeschool their child?

But more often, kids are homeschooled because their parents feel they can give their child a better education than the local school can. Parents also might choose homeschooling because they want their child’s education to include religious instruction (learning about God), which isn’t offered at public schools.