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Can you tile on exterior plywood?

Can you tile on exterior plywood?

Can you tile on plywood? Yes, but various considerations need to be made first. If the floor consists of sheets that do not support each other, it is necessary to ensure that each edge is fully supported underneath.

What kind of plywood do you use under tile?

Oriented strand board (OSB) and exterior-grade plywood will work if first covered with a latex-modified mortar and a tiling backer board. Install a cement-based backer board following the manufacturer’s instructions. This provides a solid surface under the tile that prevents flexing that could lead to cracking.

Is plywood an acceptable substrate for tile?

Plywood. Plywood is acceptable substrate for flooring in some residential applications but shouldn’t be used for wall tiles. It should only be used in dry and well-ventilated areas. Leave a gap of 1/8 inch between sheets for thin-set mortar or tile adhesive, 1/4 inch for an epoxy mortar.

Do you need to treat plywood before tiling?

The plywood surface will then be the surface to be tiled. So your nice new clean ply floor isn’t so clean anymore and if it’s not prepared properly prior to tiling, the adhesive will just go onto the dirt on the floor and might not stick! This is why it is better to prime it than not to.

Which plywood is best for exterior use?

Plywood is available in many different types of wood, various thicknesses and in a wide range of quality and price points. For exterior projects or projects exposed to weather conditions, you need to use plywood that is suited for those conditions. Your best choices are either ACX or marine grade plywood.

What do you prime plywood before tiling?

Floorboards will need to be primed using two neat coats of BAL Prime APD, best practice is to apply the second coat 90° to the first coat, allowing it to dry between coats. Then apply a highly flexible tile adhesive (S2) such as BAL Fast-Flex using a Topps Tiles Pro Tipped 3mm trowel.

What primer should I use on plywood before tiling?

If tiling on fibre-reinforced cement sheets, or plywood/chipboard, then we would always recommend priming the reverse side and edges with BAL Bond SBR. This helps protect the plywood from moisture penetration which could cause the board to swell.

What should I use to seal plywood before tiling?

Plywood requires the application of a latex based bonding solution to the plywood to seal it and then the use of a flexible cement based adhesive, not pre-mixed tub adhesive.

What is the difference between exterior grade plywood and pressure treated plywood?

Pressure treated plywood has been put through a chemical process that injects preservatives into the wood. Those preservatives help make plywood less susceptible to bugs, mold, and rot. Exterior graded plywood refers to ply sheets that have had their veneers glued together with waterproof glue.

What kind of plywood is waterproof?

Oriented strand board (OSB) is an engineered plywood substitute that many builders use for sheathing and roof decking. It’s constructed with waterproof glue and performs best when only semi-exposed to the elements, as it is when covered with siding or roofing.

Can you install tile directly over exterior plywood?

Exterior plywood contracts and expands, which makes it hard to bond with other materials. In order to install tile directly over the exterior plywood, you will need to use a special bonding agent in order for it to hold up.

What kind of flooring can you use under plywood?

Interior plywood is designed for rooms that aren’t exposed to much moisture. They make a good subfloor for carpeting, tiles, vinyl, engineered wood laminate flooring and hardwood flooring. Almost every room of the house uses interior grade plywood including kitchens and baths.

What kind of underlayment should I use for tile flooring?

Exterior plywood is an acceptable underlayment for tile and is preferred to interior-grade plywoods because the bonding adhesives used are waterproof. If water seeps through the tile installation to the underlayment, it will not cause the wood to swell, as happens with interior-grade plywood.

What are the grades of exterior plywood for outdoor use?

It comes in 3/4-, 5/8- and 1/2-inch thicknesses. Appearance stamps on plywood range from cabinet-grade (A) to construction grade (C and D). Exterior plywood carries an X stamp, which identifies it as suitable for use outdoors. Beside CDX, you can also find better grades, such as ABX, ACX and even BCX.