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FAQs on AirWalker Balloons

AirWalker balloons are a current craze at every child’s party. Because they are fun and human-height, kids love these incredibly interactive inflatable toys. An AirWalker balloon bought at a high-quality legitimate store will remain intact for several weeks without deflating or popping. Therefore, these can be substitutions for more costly themed party decorations. Here are all the questions concerning AirWalker balloons.

What are AirWalker balloons?

AirWalker inflatables are an original invention made by Anagram International in 2003.

These figurines are foil balloons made to look like different animals, superheroes, cartoon characters, and many more. Due to a complex structure of a balloon and an impressive number of details for an inflatable, AirWalkers have become one of the most awaited party decorations at kids and adult parties all over the world. Wild and domestic animals, including exotic monkeys and friendly farm horses, exciting cartoon characters such as Spider-Man or Batman – everything is possible with AirWalkers technology.

The best way to describe the mechanics of the said balloon is to see it as a combination of an inflatable and a toy. Since these balloons are usually inflated with helium, they look highly animated and even automated. The floating looks rather peculiar in a room with usual air, so the movements these balloons make resemble walking.

What can you do with AirWalkers?

These inflatables make great interactive toys for kids’ parties because children can easily walk a foil figurine, hold it by a ribbon, hug it, greet a balloon with a handshake, and many more. Yes, AirWalkers can withstand pressure and will not scare your child with a sound of a loud sudden pop. These are durable and highly interactive. Adults use these figurines at parties using weights to “sit” a magic guest at a kids’ table.

What do you fill an AirWalker with?

Being made of Mylar and foil, these balloons are not meant to be filled by air or water. Otherwise, the exterior of the inflatable will be too heavy as these balloons are big in size. Filling walkers with air is counter-productive because they will not float, therefore, will not execute a walking function, serving merely as a still decoration. Filling an AirWalker with helium is always a good idea because these figurines are made to be expanded by a lighter gas with less density.

What do you need to assemble an AirWalker?

  • Open the balloon. Unfold all of its parts and find the sticky double-sided tape you will use later. Find the valve (it is usually located on the side of the balloon.)
  • Prepare a helium tank. Press the nozzle to the side and release helium. Do it lightly to prevent bursting. Remember that a similar balloon has moving parts, so the foil exterior needs room to move. Therefore, do not remove all the wrinkles in an inflatable as they execute a walking function.
  • Adjust the helium level. If you are in a room with a high temperature, fill the balloon with less gas.
  • Tie the balloon with a ribbon. It is usually already attached to the balloon, so there is no need to search for another one. Secure it to a weight if you want the inflatable to stay on the ground/floor.
  • Manage the body. Some balloons have sticky tape to attach arms and legs to resemble a lifelike position. There are printed rectangles on the balloon that serve as a guide.
  • Put weights or a paperclip. Adjust the height of your balloon and make it as dynamic/static as you wish. AirWalkers can be put upside down, tied to a pillar, attached to a weight by a ribbon, and many more options.