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Frescoes and mosaics

From the Dome Of the temple would be that the makeup “Ascension”. At the center is Christ at a medallion, using a disproportionately large mind, sitting down over the rainbow. The medallion is encouraged by 2 traveling angels in white robes with wings that are colored. Straight beneath Christ from the drum of the dome is closely portrayed that the Girl at full increase with arms climbed on either side of the two Angels, pointing in the Christ. At an identical row would be the twelve apostles, separated from each other by tall timber using nude trunks plus also a green crown molding.

Pentecost is portrayed: at the exact middle of this article would be that the “Throne geared up”, where the pigeon is head long at a gold nimbus, representing the Holy Spirit. By your medallion over the twelve apostles sitting down at the dome descend beams of sunshine, over the mind of each and every apostle that the tongue of fire.

The remainder of the temple has been embellished with lots of graphics of saints (roughly one hundred fifty) using vast, disproportionately huge eyes along with black students: one of the chords the Reverend inhabit a substantial location that will be on account of this monastic temperament of this construction.

The assembly of Christ together with John the Baptist is set: at the abandoned wing arch has been portrayed the Christ that the fore runner at a spin onto a liner of yarn, using a cross on his right hand and then extended into Jesus together with his left hand; At the most suitable arch Christ having a scroll at his left hand and increased in the gesture of blessing with his right hand; The fore runner is portrayed position onto a lawn, Jesus arrival to him.

From the Article “The Entrance of the Lord to Jerusalem” Christ, using a Scroll on his hands, sits in a buttocks; the little one who increased a shrub looks Christ; Folks using hands branches meet up with the forthcoming Messiah. From the scene “Ranking from the Coffin” Christ is portrayed wrapped in supper veils; His encounter, together with his eyes shut, stays receptive; the grieving Virgin flexed across the Body of Christ; both Joseph and Nicodemus encourage your system by making use of their palm son.