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How do I top-up PrimeTel pay as you go?

How do I top-up PrimeTel pay as you go?

TOP-UP 2GB NOW! TOP-UP 5GB NOW! TOP-UP 10GB NOW!…To get a Mobile Internet Pay As You Go plan:

  1. Select the duration you need and send the corresponding sms to 8133.
  2. You will then receive a text informing you that the pay as you go Mobile Internet Plan you requested has been added to your account.

How do I activate PrimeTel?

How to activate: You can simply scan a QR-code provided by Primetel, generating a specific user profile on the device, allowing a secured access to Primetel network.

How do I top-up my PrimeTel card?

If you have an extra PrimeTel Mobile Top-Up card with you, just dial *133*16digit number#send or call (from any phone) the Call Centre at +357 2210 2210. You can also Top-Up by using your credit/debit card on our web site, and of course the automatic Top-Up service will still work.

How do I transfer PrimeTel to PrimeTel?

Transfer money from your account to someone else You can transfer communication value from your account to another by dialing *121*< recipient MSISDN >*< amount to be transferred >#.

How do I use PrimeTel data?

Select your number. Purchase a SIM Pack from any PrimeTel store or from your nearest kiosk. Dial 133 and follow the simple instructions to activate the number you have chosen by entering your mobile phone number and Reference Number.

How do I find my PrimeTel number?

PrimeTel – Pay As You Go Kartokiniti To find out your own number without calling another number, you can type the following service code *133*12321# and then press call/dial.

How do I use PrimeTel data pack?

How do I change my PrimeTel WIFI password?

Change your password in three easy steps. This helps to keep your new password secure.

  1. Fill in your username below or Customer number found on your invoice (excluding the number in brackets [..])
  2. We’ll email you a link to reset your password at the email address that is associated with your account.

How do I call a private number in Cyprus?

With Calling Line Id Restriction you can choose if your telephone number appears on the screen of the telephone that you are calling. This allows you to withhold your telephone number by dialling *31* before the number that you wish to call.

What is PrimeTel number?

How do I connect to PrimeTel WiFi?

How to connect

  1. Start your notebook or palmtop in an area that a PrimeTel WiFi hotspot exists.
  2. Activate the Wireless feature of your device.
  3. Open the web browser and the PrimeTel WiFi page will appear automatically.
  4. If you are a PrimeTel subscriber enter your account name and password and press log in to connect.

How do I make an anonymous call to Cyprus?

Anonymous Call Rejection is available to all Cyta fixed telephony subscribers who submit an application. Once you have submitted an application, all you have to do to activate the Anonymous Call Rejection is dial * 28 # from your fixed telephone and to deactivate it dial # 28 #.