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How do you eject a disc from a Bose radio?

How do you eject a disc from a Bose radio?

Press the stop button on the remote and then press the eject button which is the button with a triangle pointing up with a line underneath it.

What to do if your Bose CD won’t eject?

If you haven’t already, try a quick system reset: If the CD still won’t eject, we’d recommend reaching out to your local Bose Technical Support Team by phone. Regional contact information can be found HERE. After selecting your region, navigate to the top-right corner of the page and select ‘Support’.

What are the benefits of a Bose multi CD changer?

Thank you for purchasing the Bose®Wave music system Multi-CD Changer accessory. ! Adding the Multi-CD Changer to your Wave®music system provides you with some valuable benefits: • A four-disc Wave®music system – Allows you to load and play up to four audio CDs. Provides hours of uninterrupted CD music.

What causes a CD to stay out of the drive?

If a disc has become loose in the back of the drive, or another object was put in the drive by a child it can cause the drive tray to remain out. Use a flashlight and shine it in the drive to try to determine if a disc is stuck in the drive, or if an object is in the drive.

Is there a CD stuck in the player?

There is a CD stuck in the player, it will not play, it will There is a CD stuck in the player, it will not play, it will not eject. It is the sample CD that came with the unit.  read more Ron Winston

Why is my Bose 6 disc in dash not working?

Many of the most common problems with the Bose 6-disc in-dash system affect the users ability to load, eject, and switch between CDs. Often CDs with sticker labels cause these problems, as the label peels back slightly and gets caught in the changer, temporarily disabling the system.

How do you eject a Bose CD player?

Wait a minute, then re-connect the umbilical cable between the two devices- EXCEPT the power cable. Then, press and hold the Eject button- while plugging the system back into power. Continue to hold Eject for 15 seconds, or until you hear the Eject motor engage.

Can a CD changer be disassembled on a Bose?

These problems can often be solved by using tweezers, if the object is within reach. However, the CD changer must be at least partially disassembled in order to remove the offending object or label. The Bose 6-disc in-dash system occasionally gives users trouble related to the digital display screen and lighting.

Why is there an error message on my Bose CD player?

The “ERROR” message often appears when the problem is related to the disc itself, although the changers ability to properly set and load the disc may also be effected. If a CD is not formatted properly for the Bose system, if it is a DVD or a data CD, or if it contains only mp3 files, your display screen may indicate an error.