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How do you evaluate a pig?

How do you evaluate a pig?

Evaluate growth based on the weight of the pigs in the class. Rank the pigs from heaviest to lightest (heaviest pig = fastest growth)…Evaluating Capacity (Volume)

  1. Depth of body.
  2. Length of body.
  3. Width through the rib and chest.
  4. Balance – how well does the pig’s depth, length, and width length fit together.

What are the characteristics that you observed in judging gilts or boar?

A well balanced hog will be tight middled, with a smooth blending and proportion of body parts. A poorly balanced hog will be long necked, high and narrow shouldered, heavy middled and short rumped.

How are pigs judged at the fair?

Swine judging For breeding gilts, the traits by order of importance are: Structure and soundness, Growth, Underline quality, Capacity or volume, Degree of muscling, Degree of leanness. A judge will have different priorities and rank importance of certain traits differently than other judges.

What does OPB mean in pigs?

Swine classification is usually conducted by dividing the breeds into a dark and light categories that include black OPB (Other Pure Breeds) and white OPB or dark and light crosses. At some shows, these divisions are further divided into the most common breeds represented in the table below.

What is swine judging?

When judging swine, you should first view the animal from the ground and work your way up and then from the rear and work your way forward. The animals in the class should be ranked based on the traits of importance they possess, and contestants should always evaluate the most important traits first.

What do you look for in a pigs judging?

Besides these goals there are five main criteria to consider when selecting pigs: (1) performance (size), (2) muscling, (3) volume, (4) trimness, condition, and (5) structure, soundness, balance. Pigs should be of the right size and weight in order to produce a marketable carcass.

What does belted mean in livestock judging?

Definition. Belted refers to a color pattern found primarily in hogs. This color pattern will have a white portion of skin/hair typically wrapped around the body, with black skin/hair on either side at the head and rump.

What do you call someone who shows pigs?

A swineherd /ˈswaɪnhɜːrd/ is a person who raises and herds pigs as livestock.

What is the classification of pig?

SusPig / Scientific name

What is a dark OPB?

Dark OPB. Includes Berks, Spots, Poland and other dark PB breeds.

Is there a database of livestock judging terminology?

Our database of livestock judging terminology is still in development but includes both definitions of terms as well as videos of specific examples from real life classes. Sets Down on Outside of…

What is a livestock judging contest?

A livestock judging contest is simply a collection of various classes of livestock. A case where more than four animals are used is when a student is judging a cull/keep class. Eight animals are used and a student would need to decide on which animals they would like to keep or cull.

How to be a good livestock judge?

To be a good livestock judge you must: Know the parts of the animal and their location. Know which parts are most important for meat and breeding stock production and the most desirable conformation for each part. Visualize the ideal animal. Make keen observations and compare them to the ideal. Weigh the good and bad points of each animal.

What is the most common word for pig?

This glossary of pig terms should help you understand the most commonly used words and phrases. Term. Definition. Boar. An uncastrated male pig over six months old. Sow. A female pig that has had its first litter. Gilt. A female pig which has not yet produced a litter.