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How do you get out of the monastery in Uncharted 2?

How do you get out of the monastery in Uncharted 2?

At the far end of the room, you’ll need to work your way leftward through a door to end up back outside. Before you do that, look upward along the far wall, and you’ll see the shimmer of a treasure hanging above the window.

Is the museum in Uncharted 2 Real?

The Museum is based on the Istanbul Palace Museum, seen in Chapter 2 – Breaking and Entering, veiled in a quiet dusk, adorned by flood lights. The Museum is a complex map.

Which Uncharted is the hardest?

Hardest Uncharted game on Crushing

  • Drakes Fortune.
  • Among Thieves.
  • Drakes Deception.
  • A Thiefs End.

How long is Uncharted 2?

The campaign should take you around 10-11 hours. This time is for the standard normal difficulty level. You have to consider that the game can take you much longer if you decide to choose hard or crushing difficulty level. If you do so, it is highly probable that you will have to repeat the more challenging battles.

Are the Uncharted games based on a true story?

Originally Answered: In terms of information on history, how accurate is the Uncharted video games? Wholly fictitious. It’s less grounded in real life than National Treasure, which itself is ludicrous.

How realistic is Uncharted?

The Uncharted games feel like a love letter to the distant past, but not everything in them is historically accurate. The Uncharted games feel like a love letter to the distant past. Many of the historical details in the game are fantastic. Other details have not been handled with the same respect for accuracy.

What happens when you finally gain control of a monastery?

When you finally gain control, you’ll quickly find that you won’t be able to take a convenient route towards the monastery ahead. Instead, you’re going to have to work your way around a snowy path towards it, and obviously, that path is occupied by plenty of enemies.

How do I get to the monastery of the chasm?

Specifically, you’re going to want to enter the small building directly in front of and to the right of the door through the wall (if your back is facing said door). Once you enter the room, head to the open area along the huge chasm adjacent to the monastery, and look rightward.

How do I find the treasure in the monastery?

Since the treasure doesn’t contrast well with the snowy ground, it’s best to look for the on-screen prompt letting you know a treasure is nearby. With your first treasure in hand, scurry forward towards the other end of the pathway. It will wind in a linear fashion towards the monastery’s outer wall.