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How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Dubai

How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Dubai

Planning a trip to Dubai? Wouldn’t you like to know about the cost of going to Dubai from India? This way, you can properly plan a trip that includes your visa fees, all the best attractions, comfortable stays, and easy transportation. Dubai is a wonderful city, but there’s a misconception that holidaying here is expensive.

Therefore, many people avoid coming here. But the truth is, Dubai is quite affordable if you know the right information. Here’s all the information you need.

How much does  Visa Cost for Dubai

How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Dubai

From India, you can apply for a Dubai visa online. The most popular visa is the 14-day tourist visa. This will cost you close to AED 350 to AED 450 i.e. INR 5,900 to INR 7,845. The rates for other visas differ depending upon the validity of the visa or if it’s multi-entry. Prices can go as high as AED 3,500. Longer the validity of the visa, higher the price. Express visas also cost more than your normal visa.

If you cancel the visa, you will incur a cancellation fee on the amount of the visa, which will be deducted at the time of refund. You can even hire the services of professional visa companies like Only Dubai Visa, Rayna Tours that help you get your visa at good prices.

 How  much  does Airline Ticket Cost for Dubai

How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Dubai

The airline ticket prices will play a huge rule average cost for a Dubai trip. You may, of course, know that prices of airline tickets keep varying. Same is the case with Dubai tickets. During peak season, the airline tickets can cost up to AED 1500, or even upwards. Weekend dates are also different. If you are traveling here during Off season, the ticket prices can be as low as AED 900 to AED 1000. So, plan your dates well, as the airline tickets will be one of the most important expenses.     

 How Much an Accommodation Cost for Dubai

How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Dubai

Dubai is the city of hotels. Every world-famous hotel franchise has a hotel or resort in Dubai in a prime location. Staying here can cost you a bomb. Just a night in one of the best hotels in Dubai will set you AED 1000 to AED 1500 back. However, the luxury is something else. Moderately luxurious hotels are still quite luxurious will cost you AED 700 to AED 900, and mid-range hotels with good rooms and amenities will cost you  AED 300 to AED 650. Cheap hotels will cost you AED 150 to 250.

So, choose a hotel according to your needs from a stay. Remember, when you are touring, you will mostly be out during the day, and even be eating outside. You will use your hotel room mostly to shower, rest, and sleep.

 How much does Food Costs for Dubai

How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Dubai

Dubai is also a gastronomic paradise. It has the privilege of being the biggest Middle Eastern city to have the most number of restaurants run by Michelin star chefs. A meal in any of these hotels can cost a bomb, something close to AED 500. But if you don’t want to spend that much, you can still enjoy cuisines like Italian, French, American, Continental, Indian, Pakistani, etc., in restaurants that will cost you only AED 100 to AED 150.

However, you can really enjoy cheap meals in many restaurants, and these meals are a delicious and complete value for money. Plus, the hotel you stay in probably also offers breakfast, so, you can save money there. Dubai is a place where you can get any meal of your choice at a price you are comfortable with.

 How much does Sightseeing Costs for Dubai

How Much Does it Cost to Travel to Dubai

Now, this is the whole deal. This is what your vacation is about – the attractions in Dubai. For this, you have to make an itinerary of the things you want to do and see in Dubai, and then compare this itinerary with the best tour service providers. The closest one that matches your list in the set budget should be your choice. Also, look for offers and deals, as there are many offers online like discounts and combo tour packages. You can save a lot. Be sure to book online, as it is much cheaper.

Look for a professional, established destination management company, as they will be able to do justice to your touring needs, arrange for your travel, and provide everything within your budget for the Dubai trip.

So, stop wondering how much money do I need to go to Dubai. Take some time and plan well. Dubai is a great place for all budgets. If you have money to splurge, you can stay in the best hotels, and eat at the finest restaurants, but if you want a good budget vacation, Dubai still has many good options that will ensure you enjoy your time and have one of the best vacations of your life.