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How much should I pay an artist for an album cover?

How much should I pay an artist for an album cover?

Most mid-level bands should expect to pay at least $1,500 to receive high-quality album artwork from a reliable designer. It can be higher than $6,000 to hire someone with a positive reputation.

How much do you get paid for an album cover?

The salary range for Album Cover Designers extends from $33,000 to $66,000. Typically a price is negotiated in the beginning of a project with a label, Manager, artist or whoever is paying. Then you deliver the final product for that price.

What is the Alt J album cover?

An Awesome Wave
The album artwork for An Awesome Wave is a multi-layered radar image of the Ganges river delta in Bangladesh and India. The image in each of the three layers was acquired by the European Space Agency’s Envisat Earth-observing satellite, taken separately on 20 January 24 February and 31 March 2009.

Who owns the rights to album cover art?

If you have hired and paid an artist or photographer to create a visual image for your album cover, that artist or photographer will still own the copyright in the work unless that creator has assigned the copyright ownership to you or your band.

What jobs make album covers?

A cover art designer is a graphic designer who specializes in producing artwork for music-related projects. Often, graphic designers who produce cover art and liner notes also dabble in designing posters, T-shirts, and other merchandise for music artists and record labels.

Is An Awesome Wave a concept album?

And while ‘An Awesome Wave’ might begun as some half-baked stab at a cinema concept album – ‘Matilda”s drab strum is a paean to Luc Besson’s troubled child-star in Leon – it’s all the better for the added grit, real-life misery and heartache, as ‘Fitzpleasure’ attests.

What is the meaning of the alt-J cover art?

The cover art of the band’s debut album An Awesome Wave shows an overhead view of the largest river delta in the world, the Ganges. alt-J were previously known as ” Daljit Dhaliwal ” and then “Films”, but were later forced to change to “alt-J” because an American band called ” The Films ” already existed.

Who is the lead singer of Alt-J?

Gwil Sainsbury. Alt-J (stylised as alt-J, or ∆) is an English indie rock band formed in 2007 in Leeds, by Joe Newman (guitar/lead vocals), Thom Sonny Green (drums), Gus Unger-Hamilton (keyboards/vocals) and Gwil Sainsbury (guitar/bass).

Is Alt-J going to make a 3rd album?

On 3 March 2017 alt-J began teasing their third studio album on their social media accounts with an audio clip captioned “00110011 01110111 01110111” (the ASCII code for “3ww”). Stereogum reported later that day that the band’s third album would be titled Relaxer and was scheduled for release on 2 June 2017.

When did Adeline by alt-J come out?

On 24 May 2017 alt-J released “Adeline,” the third single from Relaxer. The album was released shortly afterwards, on 2 June 2017, to generally favourable reviews. “Deadcrush,” the fourth single from the album, was released on 12 July and was featured as a soundtrack in the popular FIFA 18 game.