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How to Find the Best Offers Online

Big Spenders

We use the internet more often for all purchases and transactions.  The UK was already a well-established market for internet shoppers,and this trend increased during the pandemic. Despite high streets and stores being open for business again, many customers have chosen to carry on with the convenience of buying from home. In 2019 eCommerce accounted for 19.2% of retail sales in the UK,which rose to 28.9% in 2021. In 2021 UK retail purchases online came to a whopping £119.640 billion. This is double what the French spend online, and only the Dutch come close, with 23.9% of their retail purchases taking place online.

Americans are playing catch-up with the Europeans. In 2012 there was not much difference between online retail in the US and the UK. However, it is estimated that online transactions now account for around 20% of the total market in the USA.


Price Comparison Sites

 Savvy purchasers in the UK have been using price comparison sites for years in the UK. Sites like Compare the Market and Money Supermarket were initially set up to allow people to compare insurance costs across various suppliers. People used to go to a high street insurance broker, but BGL sold their bricks and mortar business to Swinton, and the rest, as they say, is history.

It is now possible to compare prices for every kind of insurance as well as mobile and broadband suppliers and, until recently, energy suppliers. Although you should be able to use this service to find the best prices, not all suppliers are listed, so sometimes the best price is found by going direct. A company like Direct Line have made this clear in its name.


Online Shopping

 You can enter a coupon or discount code when you get to the checkout at most online stores. There are many different ways to get these. For example, mostonline stores will offer you a registration bonus in return for your name and email address if you visit a site for the first time. They will then email you a code which will give you a discount.  That’s great, but they usually only happen once.

Before shopping, you can check out sites like Coupon Birds or Coupon Annie and see what discounts are available. They aggregate special offers on their site, and you copy coupon codes at checkout to get discounts. Honey Rewards works automatically and is an extension you download onto your browser. When you get to the checkout, it automatically looks for any available discounts. In addition, it has a loyalty scheme called Honey Gold that allows users to accumulate loyalty points that can be traded in at a later date.


Online Gambling

 The casino and betting industry has capitalised on our increased acceptance of online business. Manycompanies either start up in this area or cross over from bricks-and-mortar betting shops. Many bonuses and offers can be found onlineincluding free demos of games and bonus codes that allow players to try out all sorts of games and even win real money without making a deposit.

The online casino industry takes reviews very seriously, and there are plenty of opportunities to find out where to find the best offers and operators. The review sites offer independent advicebased on criteria like best no deposit bonus, which are the best slots to play and where to find free spins no wagering sites in the UK.



 Like the insurance business, the travel industry quickly saw the benefits of the internet. Skyscanner will help you find the best flight prices and also allows you to book accommodation and car hire. Expedia and Trivago will enable you to compare holiday prices across a wide range of tour operators and independent businesses.


Have A Look Around

 Remember, whatever you are looking for, do not just rush straight in. Take time to have a look around and you might find a better price or offer.