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Is there a limit of users on HBO Go?

Is there a limit of users on HBO Go?

HBO Go allows two devices to stream shows and movies at once. You can have up to three registered devices attached to a single HBO Go account. You can check how many devices are currently attached to your account through the Settings menu.

Does HBO Go not exist anymore?

The HBO GO app is no longer available. With HBO Max, you can stream all of HBO plus much more. If your provider supports HBO Max, you can sign in to HBO Max using your provider account for no extra cost.

Why can’t I sign into my HBO Go account?

Update your web browser The next step in troubleshooting the issue when HBO Go is not letting you sign in is to update the internet browser you’re using. A quick way of getting this done is to perform a Google search. Once you update your browser, it is advisable to restart your computer before retrying HBO Go.

Does HBO Go account transfer to HBO Max?

, Android TV, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, smartphones, and Samsung smart TVs. In most cases, people who were previously using HBO Go or HBO Now can now access HBO Max with their existing account for no extra cost.

Can you use someone else’s HBO account?

Yes, in most cases, members of your household can sign in to HBO on different devices, and watch different shows at the same time. Your HBO account email and password should not be shared with anyone outside your household. For security reasons, the number of simultaneous streams is limited.

Is HBO go better than Netflix?

With more than four thousand titles to choose from, including classics and trending shows, with some available in 4K resolution, a Netflix user has a higher quality experience. Content on HBO Go is only available in 1080p and that’s assuming the internet connectivity is strong enough.

Why was HBO Go canceled?

In an effort to address brand confusion triggered by the arrival of HBO Max, WarnerMedia is shuttering HBO Go and rebranding HBO Now (as simply HBO).

How do I access my HBO Go account?

Sign in on a computer In the upper-right corner, choose Sign In. Do you have an HBO account? Yes: Enter your account email and password, and then choose Sign In.

How many households can share HBO Max?

HBO MAX is a streaming service that you can share with other people for $4.99 per month. You can share your HBO Max account with 2 people, and they will be able to watch HBO Max as well as you do.