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Make Your Family Vacation Memorable With Free Online Slideshow Creator

Make Your Family Vacation Memorable With Free Online Slideshow Creator

Are you looking for new exciting ways to share your traveling photos with the world? Or maybe you would like to compile your vacation photos into one original video to remember this trip by? We tend to take hundreds of photos while traveling and exploring, which makes it difficult to share them with your friends: no one wants to go through so many photos at once. So here is an idea – make a traveling slideshow featuring the best parts of the country and presenting the most exciting and unusual places. Combine pictures with videos, spice them up with a great song and your friends will get a grasp of this amazing trip in one minute. All you need is a slideshow creator and some time on your hands.

This free slideshow creator offers tons of pre-designed templates with different themes: wedding, birthday, family, etc. Go through them by clicking on Preview and choose the one you like the most. Now select 15 to 20 best vacation photos and videos and add them to the storyline. Get all your family members to contribute and let them choose their favorite pictures, maybe they found something you overlooked and have their unique point of view.

After you have uploaded all your photos to the slideshow creator, check out the transition and animation effects. Additionally, you can add some clipart or effects of snow and fire. You can also add 3D captions to leave some comments about your trip or to make your video educational: tell more about the photo, where exactly it was taken, why it is so special, or share your emotions and thoughts. Maybe you have discovered an interesting fact about this place, maybe locals gave you a deeper understanding of the culture – share this with your friends, it will make this slideshow more interesting.

Make Your Family Vacation Memorable With Free Online Slideshow Creator

If the quality of some photos is not great, use the built-in basic photo editing tools in this online slideshow creator: adjust brightness, saturation, contrast, make it sharper or use a mask, stretch or crop in one click. You can also change the background of the slide with a picture from the image library or with your own photo.

Make Your Family Vacation Memorable With Free Online Slideshow Creator

Once you are happy with your work, it is time to add a great tune. Use one from the huge variety offered by this photo slideshow creator or upload one of your own songs. A traveling slideshow should be dynamic, exciting and fast-paced to communicate the unforgettable atmosphere of this great journey. Here some of our musical suggestions to make your video lively and powerful:

  • Robyn – Dancing On My Own
  • Janelle Monáe – Screwed
  • Beyoncé – Get Me Bodied
  • Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk
  • Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor

Additionally, you can leave some voice comments on the slides by clicking the Record Voice button. But don’t go overboard and present too much information, the slideshow has to be foremost entertaining.

Make Your Family Vacation Memorable With Free Online Slideshow Creator

When your video is ready, convert it to any popular format and save it on your PC. Alternatively, the slideshow creator with music allows you to directly upload the video to YouTube or Facebook and send the link to your friends. Finally, you can burn your work to a CD or DVD and give it as a gift to your friends or family members.

This Free Online Slideshow Creator gave me and my family a lot of great moments and allowed us to get closer and bond while exchanging our ideas. Being creative together as a family is a great opportunity to grow closer and to understand each other better. Have an inspiring day and stay safe!