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What are some fun fact questions?

What are some fun fact questions?

Examples of fun fact questions

  • Who did you look up to as a child?
  • What is your favourite hobby?
  • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • Do you have any hidden talents?
  • What is your favourite childhood memory?

What are some weird facts that will make you question everything?

50 Absurd Facts That Will Make You Question Everything 1 1 You typically only breathe out of one nostril at a time. 2 21 There’s an entire holiday dedicated to what would happen if cats and dogs had opposable thumbs. 3 28 The Last Supper originally showed Jesus’ feet, but they were cut off to make a doorway.

What are 50 random facts about you on Instagram?

It’s a great list of 50 random facts “about me” that you may not have shared before. Your viewers will learn all about what makes you tick and then some. 1. Name 2. Zodiac Sign 3. Nicknames 6. Last song I listened to. 7. Your high school GPA 8. What you ate today 9. Number of siblings 10. Favorite vacation 11.

What are some random trivia questions for adults?

Here are 4 random trivia questions for adults: 6. Which nuts are used to make marzipan? Marzipan, which is made of sugar and almond meal, is one of those candies that is slightly obscure, so you might catch a few people out with this somewhat difficult question. 7. What body part is reshaped in plastic surgery known as “rhinoplasty”?

What are the benefits of trivia questions?

Reading through these trivia questions is super fun, and it can also help you learn all kinds of new facts and tidbits of information. Trivia questions also make excellent ice breaker questions if you’re looking for questions to ask a crush or someone you’re just getting to know for the first time.