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What are the Benefits of Logitech Video Conferencing System

What are the Benefits of Logitech Video Conferencing System

Making a decision quickly and accurately is important in the business world. As the company has management, both strategic and operational, decision making needs to be done through regular meetings, which need to be attended by a number of parties. It is conceivable that management often faces important situations and they must wait for all parties to gather to hold traditional meetings. The process of preparation for the meeting itself takes two until three days and urgent matters are forced to wait for the process.

Video conference technology is present in order to bridge face-to-face communication at any time easily, effectively, and efficiently. One of the most widely used video conferencing applications today is Logitech Video Conferencing System, which is a video conference application with excess bandwidth and a large capacity of a large number of users so that it can be used to facilitate large scale meetings, to areas that have infrastructure limited internet connection network. Logitech Video Conferencing System has both audio and video communication in real time based on IP or the Internet.

Here  are the benefits of using Logitech Video Conferencing System:

  1. Logitech Video Conferencing System presents world class video conferencing with advantages in terms of low bandwidth, high scalability (a large number of users), and flexible tools. With Logitech Video Conferencing System, users can simply use common computing devices such as desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, and public internet connections simultaneously.
  2. Logitech Video Conferencing System presents presentations, desktops/applications, & video sharing to support the discussion, evaluation, and socialization of certain programs. This presentation sharing feature is suitable to be developed further as an e-learning media for educational and educational purposes.
  3. With Logitech Video Conferencing System, users can conduct video conferences at a very efficient cost, effectively, wherever they are, as long as they are connected to a stable internet connection network.
  4. Logitech Video Conferencing System facilitates various kinds of communication functions, such as coordination meetings, interactions with staff/community, training, seminars, distance education, interviews with prospective employees, to routine collaboration between staff.

There are some products from  Logitech Video Conferencing System for special needs.

  1. PTZ Pro 2

PTZ Pro 2 is equipped with a premium camera lens, designed and made by Logitech Video Conferencing System. Enjoy bright and clear videos with sharpness and accurate color presentation, even when zoomed in. PTZ Pro 2 is ideal for classrooms, auditoriums, and large meeting rooms.

PTZ Pro 2 has a lens with autofocus perfectly highlights the speaker and its visual aids, as well as bringing extraordinary details and clarity to participants in distant places and recording systems.

  1. Meet Up

As a highly experienced conference cam producer, Logitech Video Conferencing System has apparently prepared solutions designed specifically for this kind of problem. It’s called Logitech Meet Up, and from the start it was designed to be used in small meeting rooms.

Its main weapon is a super-wide lens with a 120-degree viewing angle, so that the people gathered in one small room can all be seen clearly. Video is crucial, but audio is also important. That’s why Meet Up packs three integrated beam-forming microphones and speakers, which are once again optimized for maximum performance in a small room.

  1. Connect

Logitech Connect is a desktop video conferencing solution for the scope of private offices. It can be run with your video conference and meeting applications.. It has Very clear video and audio combines high quality with high value.

Connect can be used anywhere. Even the handheld remote is designed to be easy to carry anywhere, can be stored as a lens cover so that it won’t be lost in your bag. Logitech Connect by Logitech Video Conferencing System is equipped with a premium kanca lens, for maximum clarity. Enjoy much clearer quality and accurate colors, even when in zoom.

  1. Smart Dock

Logitech SmartDock meeting room solution is designed for Microsoft Skype for Business. As One of   Logitech Video Conferencing System, Smart Dock works beautifully with your existing video displays and video cameras. It has been certified for Skype for Business, making it easy to launch a meeting with one touch.

So, when you have to share a presentation, demo, or other content on a laptop, just connect it through SmartDock and begin presenting from the personal device.

  1. Logitech GROUP

Logitech Group is a model of conference camera products owned by Logitech Video Conferencing System. Logitech GROUP is so simple, just use a PC.

The base system is designed for meetings with a capacity of up to 14 people in one room, and an optional microphone extension allows meetings with a capacity of up to 20 people to collaborate. USB plug-and-play connectivity allows you to connect with a laptop and can immediately start video meetings.

  1. BCC950

Logitech Video Conferencing System introduces the Conference Cam BCC950 product as a camera product for your Video Conference activities in the office. LOGITECH BCC950 is designed to be suitable for use in conference calls in your office with a capacity of Small Groups or around 1-4 people.

 This Conference Call camera combines 1080p HD resolution with a speed of high-quality speakers that can produce clear and clear sound so it is very suitable to be used to support meetings or presentations in your office every day. Coupled with the ability of the camera that can have, the ability to zoom that will make it easier for you to get wider and clearer visuals.

Above all, meetings with Logitech Video Conferencing System will be effective and very cost efficient, because it saves time, effort and costs to gather in one place. The process of evaluating certain programs can be done at any time and reports can be submitted by the participants through online and realtime presentation sharing features.

In short, with the presence of Logitech Video Conferencing System, companies will be greatly helped in terms of speed in coordinating and collaborating effectively and efficiently.