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What causes a Maytag washer not to agitate?

What causes a Maytag washer not to agitate?

If your washer won’t agitate but spins, a broken agitator may be to blame. The output shaft of the transmission is splined to the agitator to secure it in place. Over time, some of the components of the agitator can wear down or break with normal usage, causing your washing machine not agitating issue.

What makes a washing machine agitate?

In top loading washing machines, the agitator is responsible for moving the clothes through the water and detergent and is driven by the output shaft of the transmission. The output shaft is normally splined, and the center of the plastic agitator will have a matching spline to ensure a tight fit.

What to do if your Maytag washer won’t agitate?

Turn the Maytag Washer’s Agitator Manually; Step 2. Remove the Agitator or Impeller; Step 3. Dual-Action Agitator? Check the Agitator’s Directional Cogs; Step 4. Check the Coupler Between the Agitator and Transmission; Your Maytag Washer Might Have a Bad Transmission. Repair or Replace the Transmission? Or Buy a New Machine?

Why does my washing machine not agitate when I turn it on?

If the motor control board is defective the washer may not work at all or function properly. If the washer is won’t agitate the U-Joint may have failed. This is the primary drive mechanism for the agitation motion in this washer.

What does agitator mean in a top load washing machine?

top load washing machines with agitators Agitators are tall vertical spindles, vaned or finned, in the center of the washer. Washers with agitators are all about the motion in the wash basket; and, despite what you may have heard, advances in agitator technology ensure they’re not hard on clothes.

How much does it cost to replace a Maytag washer?

You could pay anywhere from $200 to $700 or more to replace your Maytag washer’s transmission and tub seal. Therefore, before embarking on getting a replacement transmission, consider a few things first. If your machine is older, you may do better off buying a new one.

Is Maytag a good washing machine?

Maytag is a Whirlpool-owned brand, dubbed as being a durable brand, think “Maytag Man”, but offered at a lower price point. Typically Maytag is considered to be a good buy and they offer an extensive variety of washers from traditional top loading machines to the newest front load washing machines.

What is wrong with my Maytag washer?

Check for excessive soap suds accumulating in the washing machine. Maytag recommends you use only high-efficiency detergent in Maytag washers. Other detergents can cause excessive soap suds, which could cause the washing machine to operate at a slower spin speed than selected, resulting in sopping wet clothes.

Why is my Maytag washing machine not spinning?

One common cause why a Maytag top load washer won’t spin is due to an uneven load or jammed clothing . Larger items or loads tend to settle on one side of the washer drum during a cycle. Try to redistribute the load or remove a few articles of clothing and run the spin cycle on your washer again.

What does washer won’t agitate mean?

A washer that does not agitate can mean disaster for most homes, especially during winters when they want to finish their chores quickly. Ideally, most homeowners would call their washing machine repairman to troubleshoot the problem with their residential appliance.