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What do you do if you forgot your homework at school?

What do you do if you forgot your homework at school?

If possible, call your parents to see if they can bring you your homework. Otherwise, tell your teacher the truth and ask if you may hand it in the next day. To avoid this issue in the future, write yourself a reminder note and place it in a spot where you will see it before leaving for school.

How do you finish homework at school?

TipsSchedule your time to get homework done before it’s due. Sit far away from your teacher. Keep your regular class materials out on your desk. Take some notes as if you were paying attention to the class. Get ready to hide your homework quickly. Take the occasional break to avoid making things too obvious.

How many real numbers are there between 2 and 7?

Real number is the combined group of rational as well as irrational numbers. Therefore according to the question given if we are asked to write a real number in between 2 and 7 then we can write 3, because it is a natural number.