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What happened to the driver that killed the Coble children?

What happened to the driver that killed the Coble children?

Jorge Miguel Romero, the truck driver that killed the three Coble children in an accident on the southbound 5 freeway, sits in Superior Court in Newport Beach Friday morning, as his attorney Andrew Roth, speaks prior to sentencing. Romero was sentenced to 364 days in the Orange County jail and five years probation.

What happened to Katie Flynn?

Flynn, the mother of 7-year-old Katie Flynn, wanted to speak publicly only two days after Katie was killed in an accident that the police say was caused by a drunken driver.

Can a child be decapitated by a seat belt?

Unusual decapitations have been reported from elevators, wires across roads, obstetric procedures, among others. Decapitation may be associated with failure to use seat belts, fast driving speeds, and road barriers. 8, 9, 20, 21 Unrestrained children may also be at risk for decapitation from airbags.

What was Martin heidgen charged with?

Martin Heidgen was convicted of murder in 2006. The Valley Stream man serving a prison sentence for killing two people while driving drunk on the Meadowbrook Parkway eight years ago attempted to have his murder conviction overturned last week in a hearing before the New York State Court of Appeals.

What is the meaning of depraved indifference?

When their actions show an utter disregard for the value of human life, they will be said to be exhibiting depraved indifference. This means that they exhibit a willingness to act, not because they intend to cause harm but because they do not care if their actions will result in harm.

Do seatbelts break ribs?

Ribs. Some of the more notable seat belt injuries you can have are bruised or fractured ribs. The restraining force of your seat belt may have enough power to fracture your ribs, and may cause you a significant amount of pain for months.