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What is my washer model number?

What is my washer model number?

In order to find specific parts for your washing machine, you need to know your model number. Most washing machines have the rating plate behind the door, either on the inside of the door (don’t forget to check near the hinge) or on the door frame of the cabinet.

Where do I find my appliance model number?

Here are some places you can look to find your appliances model number. Most refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers have the model number inside the door. Open your doors, and look around the door frame. Many times the appliance model number will be on a plate against the frame.

Is part number the same as model number?

A model number differentiates between a manufacturer’s appliance models within the same category. Each brand has different designs that are separated by differing model numbers. A part number is found on some individual parts within an appliance and distinguishes that specific part.

How to troubleshoot a Frigidaire front load washer?

Troubleshoot problem. If the washer is a Good Model, the five indicator lights of Door Lock, Wash, Rinse, Final Spin and Control will flash the number of times for the first digit of the code and the Start indicator light will flash the number of times for the second digit.

Where can I find the Frigidaire product manuals?

Frigidaire manuals have been made available via free download in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Searching for your product s manuals is easy. Simply enter your model number in the field below and click “Search”. Search Tip: You can search with only a part of the model number.

How old is the serial number on a Frigidaire washer?

In an appliance with the serial number AB920, the 9 could mean 1999 or 2009. You’ll have to use your judgement as to whether the appliance looks 15 years old or 5 years old. Frigidaire FAQs: Where Can I Find My Washer’s Model and Serial Number? Home Parts and Repair: How Old Is My Frigidaire Appliance?

What does F1 stand for on Frigidaire front load washer?

Note: A letter appearing in the code stands for a number higher than nine: Example Code F1: the first digit would be 15 and the second digit would be 1. If this code would appear on a washer in the Good model line, the five indicator lights would blink fifteen times and the START indicator light would blink once.

What is the best front loader washer?

Long considered the best front load washer 2019, the Samsung WF330ANW High Efficiency Front-Load Washer is super quiet. It operates without any vibration and has an extra-fast spin cycle. The WF330ANW can handle even large loads and still provide extensive cleaning and sanitizing action.

What is the best front load dryer?

  • Maytag MED8230
  • Electrolux EFME627UTT
  • Maytag MED7230
  • LG DLEX9000V
  • Samsung DVE45R6100C
  • Maytag MED6630HC
  • Samsung DVE50R5400V
  • LG DLE7300WE
  • Maytag MEDC465HW
  • LG DLEX3900W

    What is the smallest front load washer?

    Maytag. Maytag makes three sizes of front-loading washing machines of varying load capacities. Each of the front-loaders is 27 inches wide. The smallest model stands 36 inches tall while each of the two larger capacity units are 38 inches tall.

    What is the largest capacity front load washer?

    Front Load Capacity. A top load washer with an agitator has a usable capacity of about 2.4-2.5 cubic feet. Front load washers average about 4.5 cubic feet or almost twice as large. The largest front load washer is 5.8 cubic feet.