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What is VSL brand?

What is VSL brand?

listen); YSL), also known as Saint Laurent, is a French luxury fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé. Founded in 1962, today Saint Laurent markets a range of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear products, leather goods, shoes and jewellery.

What does Yves Saint Laurent stand for?

Yves Saint Laurent (designer) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent (/ˌiːv ˌsæ̃ lɔːˈrɒ̃/, also UK: /- lɒˈ-/, US: /- loʊˈ-/, French: [iv sɛ̃ lɔʁɑ̃]; 1 August 1936 – 1 June 2008), professionally known as Yves Saint-Laurent, was a French fashion designer who, in 1961, founded his eponymous fashion label.

Is Yves Saint Laurent the most influential designer of all time?

In 1985, Caroline Rennolds Milbank wrote, “The most consistently celebrated and influential designer of the past twenty-five years, Yves Saint Laurent can be credited with both spurring the couture’s rise from its 1960s ashes and with finally rendering ready-to-wear reputable.”.

What are the best books about Yves Saint Laurent?

1 2014: Yves Saint Laurent: A Moroccan Passion, Pierre Bergé, illustrated by Lawrence Mynott, Abrams, ISBN 978-1419713491 2 2017: Dior by YSL, Laurence Benaïm, photography by Laziz Hamani, Assouline, ISBN 9781614285991 3 2020: Yves Saint Laurent: The Impossible Collection , Laurence Benaïm, Assouline, ISBN 9781614289425

Where was Yves Saint Laurent born and raised?

Early life. Saint Laurent was born on 1 August 1936, in Oran, Algeria, to French parents, Charles and Lucienne Andrée Mathieu-Saint-Laurent.