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What makes Commander One better than Finder?

Most Mac users rely on Finder’s simplicity and speed to open pictures on the desktop or carry out such basic tasks. Finder is the default macOS file manager, and it is the first thing users see when Mac finishes setting up. The built-in tool allows you to copy, move and delete files to help you seamlessly interact with your computer. However, if you need more powerful tools, you need to explore the world of Finder alternatives because Finder doesn’t have much to offer.

Finder alternatives are built to run alongside or instead of macOS’ Finder. You can download and use the Finder replacement application in place of Finder to access files if you require more advanced features. You can even choose to quit Finder and place your replacement application on the Dock. One of the best Finder replacement programs is Commander One.

Commander One by Eltima Software is the most reliable and excellent replacement program for Finder. There’s no room for failures or bugs when you need to manage your files and connections, and that’s where the ironclad, powerful Commander One comes to your rescue. Read along to know the superior features offered by this application.

Commander One pro features every Mac user needs

You might not even know you needed more features than what Finder offers until the opportunity presents itself. That’s why it is fun to explore new software to discover new features capable of broadening or simplifying your workflow. For example, if you use Finder every day for completing basic tasks, the app might delight you but restrict you in many ways because the program doesn’t offer the following advanced features.

●      Dual-pane browsing

Apple introduced tabs in Finder, but if that isn’t enough for you, Commander One brings you the ease of dual-pane browsing. This is one of the program’s core features, and it allows two different file locations to be displayed side-by-side. Therefore, you can look forward to a simple comparison of files and ease of transfer.

The feature is a simple upgrade from Finder tabs, and it can quickly expand the usefulness of the file browser.

●      Keyboard shortcuts

Common or basic commands are bound to function keys, enabling you to execute complex moves quickly. For example, press F5 and the selected documents or files will be copied to the folder in Commander One’s second pane. Likewise, F8 deletes files, F6 moves the files, and F3 opens files in a souped-up Quick Look. Therefore, the program allows for super-fast processing and browsing.

While there are a few keyboard shortcuts for managing files in Finder, Commander One gives the opportunity of more customizable keystrokes.

●     Lightning-fast search

The RegEx search is one of the most-talked-about Command One features. By opening the Find window, users can search files according to regular expressions, the most potent method of matching file names.

Do you have an idea about regular expressions? If so, you will recognize how valuable this feature is because it allows you to find anything. Furthermore, the underlying database appears to be much better indexed and reliable than Spotlight.

●      Seamless cloud connectivity

When you use the premium version of Commander One, you immediately get access to cloud data storage. The cloud data storage is baked into your device, and you can connect it to your Dropbox account or access other cloud accounts like One Drive, Google Drive, traditional FTP connections and Amazon S3.

●      Fuss-free mobile file transfer

Thanks to Commander One, the days of struggling with mobile device storage management are gone. Instead, the program introduces something unique on your Mac system as it allows users to mount their Android device or iPhone like a removable disk. But, of course, you already know iTunes doesn’t allow this feature, nor most other iOS management programs.

However, Commander One is happy to mount your iOS device as a disk either by Wi-Fi networking or USB connection. It even supports Android devices with the same finesse, which is a huge deal. One other program allows macOS users to transfer files from their Mac to Android devices, known as Android File Transfer. But this program doesn’t hold a candle to the capabilities and superior features offered by Commander One.

Summing up

Finder is a great built-in application for Mac users, but if you are looking for a more powerful application with advanced features, Commander One is the right choice. The entire appearance of the application is customizable, and so are the keyboard shortcuts. The recently-visited folders and files are kept open so users don’t lose their place. Using the spacebar, you can make selections, and it isn’t easy to lose those selections. Moreover, a hidden file switch, the built-in command line and more granular sorting tools make for a top-shelf program that macOS users appreciate.

Download and install Commander One to experience a better file management experience than Finder.