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Who is Homie the Clown?

Who is Homie the Clown?

Herman Simpson, better known semi-professionally as Homey D. Clown, is a bitter and hostile convict with a never-ending community service sentence.

What did Homey the Clown have in his sock?

Clown, is a convict with a never-ending community service sentence. Homey is often seen entertaining a group of excited children, who all remain his biggest fans even though he beats them on the head using a sock with a tennis ball inside. This side of him comes out whenever he leads the children in a sing-along.

Where did the saying homey don’t play that come from?

The story behind the quote: The quote comes from In Living Color. The show is a sketch comedy series and is the brainchild of Keenan Ivory Wayans and Damon Wayans. The show actually became the launching pad for a lot of big stars before they became big.

Who made Homie the Clown?

Homie the Clown

“Homie the Clown”
Episode no. Season 6 Episode 15
Directed by David Silverman
Written by John Swartzwelder
Production code 2F12

Is Krusty Homer?

Krusty’s appearance and design is essentially that of Homer Simpson with clown makeup.

Why did the In Living Color end?

They cast the new line-up of The Fly Girls and shot pilot episodes for the show which were set to air on Fox, like the original. However, on January 8, 2013, Keenen Ivory Wayans confirmed the reboot had been canceled because he and Fox did not feel that the show was sustainable after one season.

What’s the clown’s name on In Living Color?

Homey D. Clown
Homey D. Clown – Damon Wayans plays an ex-con who works as a clown (real name Herman Simpson) for his parole agreement, but lashes out at anyone (usually by hitting them on the head with a weighted sock) who attempts to make him perform the standard antics of the role – “I don’t think so!