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Who said a mere bag of shells?

Who said a mere bag of shells?

Would a mid-1950s Honeymooners audience have recognized Ralph Kramden’s “a mere bag of shells” as an old, old joke on “bagatelle”?

What is the meaning of a mere bagatelle?

little value
noun. something of little value or importance; a trifle: “A mere bagatelle,” she murmured in response to my admiration of her ring. a game played on a board having holes at one end into which balls are to be struck with a cue.

Where does the phrase a mere bagatelle come from?

Etymology: Bagatelle \Bag`a*telle”\, noun. [French expression, from Italian bagatella; compare to Prov. Italian bagata trifle, Old French bague, Pr. bagua, bundle.

What sapor means?

Definition of sapor : a property (as bitterness) affecting the sense of taste : savor, flavor.

What does bag a tell mean?

bag·a·telle (băg′ə-tĕl′) 1. An unimportant or insignificant thing; a trifle. 2. A short, light piece of verse or music.

What is a Baggatel?

1 : trifle sense 1. 2 : any of various games involving the rolling of balls into scoring areas. 3 : a short literary or musical piece in light style.

What is a Soper?

(derogatory, colloquial) a fag (homosexual man)

What does Saporific mean?

the sensation of taste
: having the power to produce the sensation of taste.

What makes something a bag?

a container made of leather, plastic, or other material, usually with a handle or handles, in which you carry personal things, or clothes or other things that you need for travelling: She pulled a pen and notepad out of her bag and started jotting down information.

What is bag called in English?

1 : a usually flexible container that may be closed for holding, storing, or carrying something: such as. a : purse especially : handbag. b : a bag for game. c : suitcase.

Who said a mere bagatelle?

: I think this was made famous by Ralph Kramden as he was discussing something which he considered of no consequence with Ed. No, the phrase is indeed “a mere bagatelle, my dear”. I was just wondering if it was used in a literary work. 1.