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Why is Essay Writing Important?

Essay writing is an integral part of education. Schools and colleges use essays for various reasons, including evaluating learners’ knowledge, analytical skills, and persuasive abilities, keeping learners active and interested in learning, teaching patience, encouraging teamwork, and instilling discipline. Essays remain the most ubiquitous form of homework in schools and colleges. But what is the importance of essay writing to students? Why do educators prefer them?

Importance of Essay Writing for High School and College Students

Essay writing benefits both students and educators. When students hone their writing skills, they make their teachers’ work easier while at the same time improving their grades, skills, and competence. I have put together a list of some of the direct benefits of essay writing for students. The list is not exhaustive, and you can add a few points. After all, it is all about creative writing.

1. Ameliorate students’ writing skills

Writing skills are vital for completing class assignments, homework, projects, and research papers. However, students can only pass if they demonstrate high creativity, organization, and understanding in their papers. Essays allow students to practice and develop their writing skills, allowing them to write engaging, well-organized, and well-thought-out texts. Essays become more and more complex as students move from lower to higher levels of learning.

2. Demonstrate your intelligence

You probably heard the saying, “Even fools seem to be wise if they keep quiet.” The words we speak are a reflection of who we truly are. In the same way, our writing exposes our level of intelligence. It is pretty easy to discern the difference between a well-educated person from an unlettered one via their writing styles. To convince or persuade anyone, you must make a strong impression by writing top-notch essays. Adhering to various essay writing mechanics such as structure, grammar, capitalization, spelling, and punctuation can improve your standing significantly.

3. Gain and improve research skills

Essay writing helps students to gain invaluable experience in research. An essay is as good as the research done to support its claims. Students must demonstrate that their essays are factual and informed and adhere to writing mechanics to score the highest grades. Therefore, with each essay a student writes, he or she becomes a more confident and accomplished researcher. Most importantly, the essay writing process helps students distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources, a priceless skill in academic research.

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4. Gain knowledge in diverse fields and niches

Students write tons of essays from lower primary to the university level. The essays cover various topics from which students gain new understandings of their surroundings, other human beings, and the world. Furthermore, the essay writing process involves exploring multiple resources from which students can pick a few ideas and concepts. Dedicated students are likely to learn new information unrelated to their fields in the process, highlighting the importance of essay writing to learners.

5. Learn how to deliver ideas

Having great ideas is one thing; presenting them to others is another. Essay writing skills help students to deliver their personal opinions without bias. They learn to criticize other people’s views without sounding ignorant or lost. Students are often encouraged to voice their opinions when writing essays, even if they contradict widely held notions and perspectives. Presenting what is known and weaving it with your views helps students learn how to deliver their opinions outside the classroom.

6. Acquire persuasive skills

Persuasion is one of the essential skills in the world today. Whether you want to sell a product, service, or idea, you must be ready, willing, and able to persuade people to listen or try it. A great idea that is poorly presented is likely to be rejected by people. Persuasive essays help students outline their arguments, ensuring that they are coherent, unambiguous, and convincing.

7. Enhances communication skills

It is often said that practice makes perfect. Essays are the canvas upon which students practice their communication skills. They give students the platform for practicing word choices, tone, and organization of thought patterns. Students learn more when teachers point out mistakes in their essays. The knowledge gained in class is vital for socialization and everyday interactions with other people. A good essay writer is likely to be a good communicator or orator because essay writing skills improve the thinking process.

8. Improves time management

College life can be highly demanding. Students can be confronted with several assignments in different courses within a short period. Those taking double majors can be bombarded with as many as ten essays weekly. It takes a well-organized student to complete all the essays within the timeline. While it is common to miss a few deadlines, students learn how to manage their time better over time. Time management becomes an exceedingly important skill in life, especially in a career.

9. It can be fun!

Writing can be exciting. It is a fun activity that can take you to the realms and dimensions the human mind has neither imagined nor conceived. Writing is creation in itself. A way of reconceiving the world, removing imperfections, exploring humanity’s deepest fears, and creating triumphs over evil. A writer can take you to the depths of despair and the greatest height of hopefulness with just a pen and paper. Having the power to create just anything can be addictive and fun.


Write and write more. It is easier to learn from your own writing mistakes than to hold back. I know it is often said that fools learn from their own mistakes, while the wise learn from other people’s mistakes. While this can be true, it doesn’t hold in writing. Read and write. Ultimately, you’ll attain levels that others can only dream of.