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9 Steps to Creating Better Recruitment Marketing Emails

Crafting compelling marketing emails is a tricky task. You need to articulate emails that are easy to the eye and simple enough to make the receiver understand the intent of sending those emails. You must keep the aforementioned statement in mind while creating recruitment marketing emails for fruitful results. However, before we outline a few steps that you need to take to make better recruitment marketing emails, you need to understand what is a recruitment marketing email and what is its purpose.

A recruitment marketing email is the kind of email that is sent to professionals or people by a business or company who are interested in working with that particular company as an employee. Such emails are generally sent to people who have signed for updates regarding openings or jobs in that particular business. If you want to get the best possible person for the job role in your company, then creating effective recruitment marketing emails is a must. Read on to know more:

9 Steps for Better Recruitment Email Marketing

You need to consider a few things while crafting the template of recruitment marketing emails you plan to send to potential employees for better results. We have put together a list of those steps in this writing to help you get positive outcomes from your recruitment email marketing strategy. Further details are given below:

1.    Determine the Persona of Your Audience

Just like the rest of email marketing campaigns, recruitment email marketing also requires you to determine the persona of your targeted audience. You need to define the qualification, professional background, and ideal demographic of people who will receive the recruitment marketing email from you. This will help you craft your email in line with the thought process of your targeted audience and get expected outcomes.

2.    Segment Your Audience According to Openings

If you are also hiring for multiple positions, you must segment your targeted audience according to those openings. This task requires you to take the process of determining the persona of your targeted audience to the next level. In this process, you will need to figure out what kind of demographic, qualification, and professional background will suit which opening. This way you can fill the positions with the best possible candidates.

3.    Add a Touch of Personalization

We all know how sending personalized emails to the targeted audience can work wonders for any marketing campaign. According to statistics related to the year 2019, it was observed that personalized emails were 50% more likely to be opened. Hence, if you want to get the best outcomes from your recruitment email marketing strategy, then you need to add a personal touch to the email and compel the audience to open the email.

4.    Meaningful Content is a Must

The objective of any email marketing campaign is to communicate your message to the targeted audience clearly. This is only possible when the content you have included in your email is meaningful and easy to understand. You need to make sure that you have stated your expectations in terms of qualification, targeted demographic, work experience, professional background, and transferable skills in the email clearly. Make sure you used bold text where needed to highlight important points.

5.    Add Visual Content

As we mentioned earlier, the emails you send for recruitment marketing purposes should be easy to read. This is only possible when you add good visual content in the form of an infographic or image that clearly defines the intent of sending the email. Just keep in mind that there is no need to load your recruitment marketing email with several images. One or two meaningful images will do the trick for you. However, before adding any image to your email draft, make sure to compress image using any online image compressor. This way you can easily reduce the image size without disturbing its quality and formatting.

6.    Keep it Concise

It should be noted that no one likes to read lengthy emails with loads of text. Hence, it is necessary to keep your email body as concise as possible. The receiver will most probably lose interest if you are unable to deliver your message in the shortest number of words possible. The receiver won’t try to scroll down to see the entire content of your email. Hence, make sure that you don’t add bulky paragraphs to your content, outline requirements in form of bullets, and stick to the main subject of your email.

7.    A Captivating Subject Line to Grab the Attention

It is necessary to understand that the receiver won’t be receiving your email only. An average person receives tons of emails a day. If you want your email to stand out from the rest of the crowd, you need to come up with a subject line that is enticing enough to persuade the receiver to open it. In addition to compelling words, personal touch to the subject line will do the trick for you. Doing so will increase the click-through chances of your email significantly.

8.    Don’t Forget to Add a Proper CTA

A marketing email without an adequately defined CTA is like a vehicle without wheels. The receiver won’t make much effort to close the email and browse through your website to find openings that resonate with his or her qualification and professional background. Hence, you need to add a proper CTA at the very end of your email body and an HTML element that directs the receiver to the page that receives job applications.

9.    Optimize Your Emails

We all know that the attention span of people is getting lesser. You need to make sure that the entire content of your recruitment marketing email can quickly load in 2 seconds or lesser, otherwise, the receiver may think of quitting the idea of reading the email. Don’t include high-resolution images in your email. You need to optimize your email so that it takes as little time as possible to load correctly.

Putting it Together:

A better recruitment marketing email is a combination of multiple factors. You need to ensure all the necessary steps to get fruitful results from your recruitment email marketing strategy. We have discussed a few tips to help you in this regard. Hopefully, you will find this helpful information.