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How to go viral on TikTok?

So, you joined TikTok recently and don’t have many followers. So you might wonder, ‘how to go viral?’ Well, I have got good news for you. TikTok has a very robust algorithm that gives priority to content over user stats. This means that despite fewer followers, your content can have high visibility if it is good.

So the question arises, how to go viral on TikTok? What kind of videos interest the audiences? And what makes specific videos go viral? While mainstream celebrities have a huge following that makes most of their videos instantly viral, it doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes. Making viral TikTok videos are more straightforward than you think, and I am here to show you how it is done. If you love viral TikToks, check out this TikTok Downloader to save them to your device and enjoy them offline.

Let us take a look at some factors that experienced TikTokers keep in mind to ensure their content goes viral:

Get them hooked in the very first second

You’re mistaken if you think its likes and shares determine your videos’ overall reach. Have you heard of ‘average viewing time?’ It means the time other users took to view your video before switching to the next. Say your video is 15 seconds long. If the user takes only 3 seconds to view your video before switching, then chances are your video will not be recommended to other users. But if users take like 5 seconds or more to view your video, there is an excellent chance that your video will appear on more and more user feeds. That is how TikTok’s algorithm works. If you see videos that get you hooked from the very second, you can save from TikTok and observe what makes those videos so unique.

You have to immediately catch people’s interest on Tiktok before they swipe past your video to view other stuff. Most viewers won’t watch if there is no action until the very end. Within the initial few seconds of the video, convey the tone and subject matter to help viewers grasp what they are viewing.


Structure your video to increase its chances of going viral

You might be wondering how to raise your average watch time now that you know how the TikTok algorithm functions. Everything depends on the organisation of your video, and you must deliver a compelling tale to keep your audience interested until the end. Before you start writing or making a video, consider why your audience would follow it through to the finish.

For example, making a longer video might not be the best option if you have many topics to choose from. Longer videos have a lesser probability of achieving the required completion rate that would cause them to become viral. Instead, you may divide it into many parts, a series may be made precisely for your niche, and the options are unlimited.


Using a Voiceover

We are all aware that our phones and applications can listen to what we say and make decisions (such as showing us advertisements) based on that audio. TikTok will use all the resources you provide to understand the subject matter of your video and pick the appropriate audience to share your content. Using a voiceover on your video gives them much more keywords and information on what your video is about, enabling them to promote your video to the right audience.


Lookout for trending music

It’s essential always to have popular music in your videos, whether or not you decide to perform a voiceover. TikTok is a social site where people go after the latest trends, so while you can select your music, it’s far more likely that you’ll succeed if you employ recently trending tunes. Always include narration and a piece of music in the background layering.

Your videos may reach a broader audience thanks to the music or sounds you utilise. You can discover what’s trending by spending some time on the FYP. Use the popular audio tracks for your trends after doing some research to find out which music is being used by well-known creators.


Collaborate with other TikTokers

A fantastic way to diversify your niche on TikTok is to connect with other TikTokers and influencers. Your videos may get a lot of attention from collaborations with popular accounts, and working with influencers that are already well-known can help your brand get traction. Alternatively, you may consider performing “duets” with currently popular videos. Using the duet option, you can produce engaging TikToks by putting your video next to another user’s video.

You may discover a TikTok with a famous musician playing a catchy beat and sing over it if you’re a vocalist. By utilising their already-existing audience, you may increase your visibility in this manner. Alternately, you may use the Duet function to react to or voice your opinion on already-posted videos.


Aim to tell a story

Although dance videos are more likely to do so, narrating stories can also go viral. Let’s face it; your dance videos don’t become popular on TikTok unless you’re a brilliant or hilariously horrible dancer. For those of us, ordinary folk who weren’t gifted, telling a captivating and fascinating tale has a higher chance of becoming viral. Anything can qualify as an intriguing life event, including projects you worked on and incidental daily occurrences. Keep the tale moving rapidly and just tell a story.



In contrast to other social media sites, TikTok’s algorithm favours high-quality content, regardless of the number of followers. Therefore, your brand’s reach will multiply if you take these actions. Can someone without followers go popular on TikTok? Yes. Absolutely. The secret is to make the ideal video for a relevant TikTok community. Once you’ve done so, you’ll see that views and loyal fans start to build. What’s best? You can use imagination. When TikTok videos leverage the platform’s excitement, they go viral. You can easily create viral content if you have a sense of humour, a gripping tale, straightforward advice, or can persuade content creators to do something enjoyable.