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Benefits of working with a contingency lawyer

A contingency fee is one of the many ways attorneys can charge their clients. A contingency fee is an arrangement in which an attorney only charges a client for winning a case.

The attorney bills the client for a percentage of the amount awarded. The Houston Contingency Lawyers typically bill the clients for one-third to 40% of the money at the end of a case. This is in contrast to having the total amount billed hourly, regardless of how much was awarded to the client. An attorney’s ability to collect money depends on the client recovering money or other valuable items.


Here are some benefits of an attorney who works on contingency.


The client pays attorney’s fees at no extra cost.


Clients without the financial means to hire an attorney per hour to help them with their case will be able to benefit from this service. Even though the client and the attorney are confident that their case will be won, it can still prove challenging for financially strapped clients to pay large legal bills. A contingency-fee agreement eliminates this concern. It is vital to understand that even though no attorney fees are due, the client could still be responsible for filing fees, deposition fees, and printing costs—the costs associated with the action.


The cost of contingency fees can be reduced.


An attorney willing to negotiate the contingency fee may allow those with financial difficulties to bring cases that would otherwise not have advanced. It could open up the possibility of legal aid being provided to people who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. In addition, a Hybrid Fee Agreement may be an option. This agreement allows the attorney to bill at a lower hourly rate while receiving a lower contingency.


If a client loses their case, there are no attorney fees.


This arrangement is ideal if a client relies on the amount of money that a judge or jury will award in a case to pay an attorney.


The odds of winning are better if the attorney believes in it.


An attorney who accepts the risk of not being paid for a case will have a lower chance of proving that the client has a valid claim. If the client doesn’t have a chance of winning, the attorney will work for no compensation and not for a client with better odds. The client should feel confident that the case will be won and that there is a chance of winning.


A contingency-fee attorney is motivated to do everything possible to win a case.


If a Houston contingency lawyer accepts a case on a contingent-fee basis and finds that it will not end in their favor, they will have every reason to work hard to get a settlement or verdict.


The attorney shares the risk of litigation.


Hourly billing arrangements mean that the client bears all the risk of litigation since they must pay the attorney’s fees regardless of the successful case. On the other hand, contingency-fee agreements allow the client to share the risk by only paying the attorney if the case is won and the client receives money or a settlement.




Houston saw 66,988 traffic injuries in 2021. It equates to 184 car accidents per day or 7.6 accidents per hour. More alarming is that in Houston, 52,128 people were hurt in car accidents in 2021. It is approximately equivalent to 2.2% of Houston’s population. Therefore, having the right attorney seems appropriate. And even better if they work on a contingency basis.