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The Facts and Myths about LGBT Relationships and Online Dating

If you are a single, have you ever contemplated going online to find romance? Increasing numbers of people in the LGBT community are going down this route, attracted by the convenience of using digital matchmaking outlets. Perhaps you are considering taking advantage of the virtual matchmaking resource yourself? If so, now might be an opportune moment to outline some of the facts – and myths – surrounding this type of interaction.

Myth: you are never going to meet someone suitable for romance via a web browser. How could you possibly develop a sense of chemistry simply by exchanging texts or emails?


Fact: lesbian dating services rely on compatibility. Powerful computer programs (algorithms) will access the information you provide when you join one of these sites, instantly giving you a shortlist of candidates who match your aspirations. If you have ever asked a question, ‘where is the best place to find lesbians near me?’ the answer is simply to type your details into a search form, apply the appropriate filters (in terms of your preferred physique, occupation, age demographic, cultural background and so on,) then let the software do the matchmaking!

Myth: The LGBT dating world is plagued by so many people using fake profiles.


Fact: individuals using dating websites and apps tend to do so because they wish to take advantage of this platform for committing to relationships. Yes, there are antisocial users out there, and you might well have even seen the occasional TV show about this particular aspect of dating. But the reason so-called ‘catfish’ make headlines is that they are such a rare occurrence.


There is a much greater likelihood of you encountering people who are like-minded individuals and seeking nothing more than a loving and meaningful partnership. Dating sites go to great lengths to eradicate users who try to exploit the system. There are validation processes newcomers must go through to ensure that they are providing accurate contact details. You can also be proactive in vetting anyone who appears less than honest. You are free to block other singles you get a bad vibe about. If someone is persistently negative in their interactions, you can report them to site administration.

Myth: dating sites can be expensive and time-consuming.


Fact: most of these services offer free registration. There are also likely to provide a variety of tools that won’t cost anything, allowing you to navigate around pages and get to know all the handiest functions. If there are certain advanced options to enable more streamlined communication, these will always be worthwhile in terms of the benefits they give.


When it comes to spending too much time in the online environment, it’s really up to you to gauge how frequently you log in to your dating account. Many individuals prefer to dip into the virtual world now and again, balancing this with socializing with friends in the ‘real world.’ But you will also have the option of taking full advantage of the fantastic opportunities available in the virtual environment. There are all sorts of chat rooms and forums where you can interact with an incredible variety of interesting LGBT individuals. There will be regular blog posts you can take on board, offering advice about every aspect of relationships where LGBT individuals are concerned. This attribute is particularly useful for girls who have only recently come out and are still finding their way. Joining a website will seem less like becoming a member of a matchmaking platform and more like joining a vibrant community of friendly females.