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How to Learn Two Languages at the Same Time

Learning two languages at the same time may seem, at first glance, crazy, but it is not! Time, motivation, and organization are necessary for this practice to be fruitful and as long as they coexist, everything is possible!

Time is essential because, obviously, you will have to double your efforts; motivation will be necessary throughout the learning process to meet your objectives, and finally, your planning skills will allow you to manage your time and resources to achieve your goals. If you are a student and plan to learn two languages at the same time, be careful. This can affect your grades, so ask the experts to do essay for me so you don’t have to worry about your homework.

Are you clear about all these factors? Well, get ready because today we are going to show you how to learn two languages at the same time with a few tricks.

Choose two languages that are not similar

Although learning two languages at the same time is compatible, it is advisable not to learn two languages from the same family because you will inevitably end up mixing knowledge (especially grammar). It is therefore advisable not to learn these language combinations at the same time:


  • Italian/Portuguese/French and Romanian.
  • German/Dutch
  • Chinese/Korean


In this way, our brain will be able to store the information in a completely parallel way, which will allow us to advance with the study of both languages obtaining visible results in the short term.


Sign up for online or face-to-face language courses

You may be a very organized person to start this linguistic adventure but even so, our recommendation is that to start this path, you should take a language course.


Treat both languages equally

Surely (as in everything in life) you will always choose one language over the other, either because you find it easier to learn, because you master it a little more, or because it attracts your attention for some reason.

However, it is not advisable to focus more on one than the other because otherwise, inevitably, there will always be one that you will end up leaving aside. Try to divide your learning time equally, and in this way, you will balance the balance and meet your goals with both languages.


Do not study both languages on the same day

To maximize the results of your study, it is best to dedicate different days to each language. This way you will create a study routine that will make it easier for your brain to grasp the knowledge.


Use separate learning resources for each language

Small details such as varying your study techniques will allow you to improve your cognitive abilities. We recommend using different teaching materials for each language and separating the learning of grammar, vocabulary, and expressions. You can also use a various of useful apps.


Plan your weeks well

As we have explained above, it is necessary that you plan your study hours well. Therefore, our recommendation is that you plan your weeks to know which days you can study and how many hours you can dedicate to each language. In this way, in addition to getting the most out of your study hours, you will achieve the necessary balance that will allow you to advance little by little with all the languages.


Final words

The importance of knowing languages today is indisputable, so it is increasingly common to make the decision to study two languages at the same time, which, despite seeming impossible, if done in the right way is totally feasible.

Once you have gained enough exposure, you will be ready for your next project, and without realizing it, you will have discovered a path full of tools that will make it easier to learn other languages using the same methodology with satisfactory results.

Discover new ways of learning, get creative in your notes and have fun as part of the process; link each language into your daily activities and never, ever lose focus… when you least expect it you will find yourself immersed in a new culture and out of nowhere you will speak a new language.